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And he said, “I don’t want to be a tourist. I want to be a traveler.”

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"While I was in Ahmedabad, one of my co-interns from Bangladesh planned to visit Diu. He wanted to spend at least three days there. I asked him what would he do for three days, when he could have effectively roamed around the entire place in a single day. He said, “I don’t want to be a tourist. I want to be a traveler.” I pondered over what he said. He was right. Most of the times, we forget the difference. This ‘Travel’ tab of aS is a humble attempt to make us realize it. Some disclaimers: This section would essentially contain our experiences of the places I get to roam around, rather than the technicalities related to standard tourist attractions, like how to reach, where to stay, what to eat etc. So, if you land here in order to get some help on the travel details, you might be really disappointed. But if you are of the sort who likes getting lost in unknown places, may be you will want to come back to aS Travel page again and again."