Today's Positivity | Some Beautiful Quotes On Gardening

Day #7. So I have been meditating everyday for some days now in the mornings. And each day I look forward to a few positive thoughts while meditating.

I hope to share these experiences with the readers of arbitSpecs. (You can read my earlier experiences here and here).

Today, like everyday, I completed my meditation and opened the eyes slowly to this:

Beautiful flowers, aren't they? I think a garden adds a much necessary realm to meditation. It gives a beautiful stage where one can sit peacefully and see inwards.The flowers, the plants, the bees - these are some of the optional ingredients to a satisfying meditation, I believe.

I collected these thoughts and wrapped up the meditation. But the feeling lingered on. I wanted to know more about what others have thought of gardens and gardening as a hobby.

Sharing below a few quotes that I could compile from the ever omnipresent, omniscient - internet. :)

The photographs are all mine - have used basic text editing tools for the effect.
I have given the credit to quotes wherever I could find the author. Let me know if I am missing any. Enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed the above. I have more photographs which I will append with suitable quotes and publish later.

March 15th, 2019


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