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Day#5. So I have been meditating everyday for some days now in the mornings.

Each day after I complete the pranayamas (to find out more about what I do in those 15 mins, click here), I sit for some time in meditation and observe my thoughts, accepting everything that comes along.

I have decided to blog about some of the positive thoughts that come to my mind. This is an experiment to spread some more positivity in and around my life. You're welcome in this experiment. :)

So today while meditating, a thought came which I like to call 'The anxiety chest'.

While meditating, the idea is to observe the thoughts that come in your head. I could sense my mind was being pulled by a few nagging thoughts. It was not at peace. I turned towards these thoughts. One was about a task I need to complete in the office today. I imagined a wooden trunk - an anxiety chest which I later called it, and put this thought in the chest and shut it up.

Then I imagined the thought thumping the walls of the box - trying to catch my attention again. I opened the box, told it  "I will deal with you in office today, at the right time"; and then shut it again. The thumping noises stopped in my head.

With a still head, I turned my eyes around, still closed. What is next? Silence. I imagined a mindspace with a wooden chest in the bottom right corner. The chest took around 10% of the space. Rest was empty, bright, full of flowers and butterflies.

I opened my eyes slowly. The flowers and the butterflies were still there. I rose up and took the anxiety chest in my head to my office, to open it at the right time. And I did.

Afterthought: I think this is a powerful mental tool to meditate when you have things bugging you. Will explore it more in later meditations, and write about it in later posts.

March 13, 2019

Epilogue: A 'credit note': I keep reading a lot on and off the internet, and always champion the idea of giving credit where it is due. If you think you have come across any of these ideas before, you are most probably right - some other person must have observed it better. Do let me know in the comments. Happy to know more.


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