Confessions Of a Corporate Guy Who Never Meditated

So I have been one of those corporate people who have thought meditation is for broken people. I have thought, "It is a good thing. May be a great thing, but I don't need it. Like I don't need that organic cold pressed fruit juice those crazy people sell to health freaks. May be the juice is great, but I don't need it."

I mostly confused meditation with medication, and like they said  नीम हक़ीम  खतरे जान.

So I mostly stayed clear of people who talked about Dhyan and my idea of getting closer to spirituality at most was listening to good sufi songs by AR Rahman ( and others. More on that in some other post)

But boy, I was wrong!

 I would not talk about how or where I ended up being, but let's just say, I ran the first part of a marathon like a sprint. And I have felt the need to catch my breath.

That is where meditation came in the picture.

So I meditate these days. 15 minutes, everyday. I am a regular office-goer and I intend to keep it that way. I look around and I see stress as a haze all around. And I have realized that my mind needs to be polished like a boot that has gathered too much of dust, too much of pedestrian smut.

And I intend to write a series of blogposts on my experiences with meditation as I go along. I will try to write about some techniques I come along - in what way they worked for me, ideas that are scattered around the internet, and also interesting memes I come across, on meditation on the internet (there are many, like the one above.)
The idea is to talk about everything under the Sun, on meditation and its impact on our thoughts.

I will try to stay clear of as much pseudo-science as I can.

After reading a few articles on the internet and watching a few videos on youtube, I selected the following three Pranayama methods for my daily mediation regimen. (I think regimen is the correct word here - reminds me of my working out days).

 1. Anuloma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing) - 5 minutes

I feel much more balanced after doing this pranayama. Guiding breath through one nostril at a time, at a self-chosen rhythm provides a good resetting of the brain, I choose to believe. They say Yogis try keeping the inhalation : exhalation time ratio beyond 1:2. As I have just started, I keep the ratio at 1:1 only. Someday, very soon.

2. Ujjayi (Ocean-breathing) - 5 minutes

This helps in emptying my thoughts. It is a task to keep constricting your glottis while doing this Pranayama and the entire focus goes on active breathing. This eliminates the wandering thoughts from the mind's screen. There is this sense of getting back in control of my thoughts - after completing this Pranayama.

3. Udgeeth ( Om Chanting) - 5 minutes

This one does the deal for me for the day. Chanting Om - the primordial sound as I exhale, long and slow brings a peace which is beyond writing. I become aware of things around - sounds hitting my ears - each bringing it's own share to the resonance of Om. Nothing is barred - that motorcycle whirring away on the street downstairs - welcomed; the crow which just chose to caw now - welcomed; someone chatting in low voice - welcomed; a breeze gushes through my face and I imagine the sunshine outside, sitting in the balcony. Slowly I open my eyes to the colors of this world. Om keeps resonating in my head for sometime.

I end the meditation session with a quick recital of Shanti Path (more experiments and experiences on this in some future post).

And then it is time to hit the road to office, everyday!


Epilogue: I used to think I could do without meditating. I am getting to know the joys of meditation slowly, but surely. Each day is a new experiment for me, and I would want to keep sharing them as I go along.

If you haven't felt the need for meditation yet, good for you. But if you have, start. It is not that difficult. Our minds need as much of work-out as our bodies to stay in shape, I believe.
More, later.

March 12th, 2019


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Interesting Alok ! Looking forward for some more read.

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