Poets of Masai Mara

A short business trip to Kenya extended to the lovely African Savannahs of Masai Mara. You can figure the camera was bad. But the experience is undesribable. Poetry and musings may better elaborate the heaven I've been through. I would urge everyone of you reading this to plan a trip to the Masai soon. You'll come back a changed person.

Oh, heaven is a place on Earth.

The Perkin's Tent from Harry Potter
The shaky small ride
The mud runway in the middle of the jungle
Read on :)

Masai is the tribe, and Mara means spotted
And land I saw, with rocks splattered like stars.
Flat trees with leaves reminiscent of clouds.
Tufts of clouds above, mara the blue skyscape
Tufts of trees below, mara the green landscape
the sounds of birds, left and right
The siber trees, praying upwards
in a harmonious arrangement, like columns supporting the blue ceiling

Frontiers of migration - coming in early to sickle the long grass
Stripes on a zebra like an artist's stroke of black on a white canvas. 
The tail, swaying like a pendulum, flitching it's skin like that of a clock's second hand.
baby zebra being nursed by her mother her tail swinging to the tune of a lullaby
ears folding forward and backward.
Staring at me.
With a gaze so powerful.
Am I scaring you?

Of the topi - the endemic antelope, fastest in beasts, very vigilant
The skin, glistening in the sun, like that of pure copper, 
With tails swivelling round like that of a propellor. 
Faces marked with a black line down on front
Each leg covered in stocking
It's blue denim hugging the legs with a tight fit.

the mighty, yawning lioness
exhibiting those 4 fangs
and flapping its cloth like tongue

sitting under the bush, the little cub yawns and shies away from the camera
the mother sleeps in a posture resembling a renaissance model being painted by an artist
keeps an eye on us
the little cub licks his skin, so delicately, as if the skin may come off
yet the golden hair glistens in glory
gets up and stretches, even the little one has a royal stance in the movement of its tiny legs
first twitching the skin to remove the flies as it soaks the sun, then using the cute paws.
even as the lioness. the queen nurses her child,her tail does not lullaby like  that of the zebra. 
she sleeps in her own deserved time, breathing in quiet, heavy motion.
the little one is all on its own, it needs to suckle away as its mother sleeps
in communal suckle with its co-princes.

the lion opens its mouth wide and digs deep into the meat
it's canines pressing on the soft fesh; its paws rest at the back
the wind scintillates the nearby white flowers of the bush and his mane
it presses on the wild beast as it pulls out the red, maroon and white goo
the smell of bad meat...why is it bad if it is natural?
it digs into the skin, crushes the cartilage
the reason why the lion is the king of the jungle, because it doesn't care if anyone's around
if anyone's taking pictures - he knows he deserves that attention

elephant's tail hanging like a thread with a heavy ball.
it's big large flaps of ears. 
it's textured skin and slow, thoughtful paces.

black tail with white tuft
spotted with holes and tail curling up
its end sqinging.
muscualr movement like a body builder
pauses, evaluates decibels.

lying on its side, the spotted cheetah pops up her neck and fixates her gaze on our jeep. 
her breath is gentle
and like the trees spot the landscape, 
her near brown spots, small and large, mark her body.
her small ears, almost the size of her eyes
pray to the sky. she moves her paw occassionally
her cat like features shine through. her breast stands out
The female cheetah is lonely. Solitary like the lions.
'Tis the males who may form a collation.
with dog like feet, unretractable claws
it roams around the masai mara ecosystem.
Killed by hyenas and lions, existence in danger
Its weakness among the cat family is taken advantage of.
It has its pickiness- they only eat fresh meat. Unlike lions.
Its elegance is seen - it doesn't sweat. Hence pound a lot.
The young cheetah is left along after 2 years in a 14 year lifespan.
an indivudalistic hunter- the Cheetah fends for itself.


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