We're all addicts...

...and I'm not talking about smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex or porn. We're all addicts of a different substance.

Guess what I'm talking about?

100 points for correct guess below:

Read on to get what I mean, if you want that is. ๐Ÿ˜
(Honestly, I did this drama to try out the google forms เค•ा quiz feature. Mea culpa )

The science

The brain is a complex semi solid thingy stuffed in your skull, floating in a liquid. It has all these sparks firing across from neurons spread all over. At least, that's how I imagine it. (Psst, off topic: you can go for a tour of the brain museum in NIMHANS, Bangalore and actually touch the brain, spinal chord etc. to understand the organ that defines you, your thoughts, your actions)
The limbic system, or the brain reward system is responsible for producing feelings of pleasure; which is naturally activated when we do things we like.

That's the best way to adapt and survive. Status quo.
If something activates this system, the brain assumes it is happening for survival, and thus rewards it by creating feelings of pleasure. Getting thirsty and drinking water acivates the reward system.
And so we repeat this behaviour

My science

Scientist Vishesh Gupta ๐Ÿ‘ฝ states that similar to addictions to substances, our brain also rewards us for monotony. For not striving towards being better. Because that involves risk.
And that's why most of us spend our lives, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year without making a conscious effort to accelerate our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

Because we are addicts. Every day we get up and say to ourselves that doay is just another day, that's the first smoke up. Which gives us the kick.
Then we get another opportunity, to apply for a new job, reach out to a new prospect in business, move to a different place,  we refuse it, despite wanting it very bad. Because we tell ourselves that things are fine. That's the second drag.

And it continues.

My theoretical analogy

So like alcohol and drug addicts visit Alcoholics Anonymous et al, wherein they create a support system around themselves, there is a dire need for us to create Average Anonymous. 
A support structure which motivates us to become the best versions of ourselves. Because honestly, not many families and friends are even aware that the main purpose of these institutions (marriage, friendhsip, family) is not just recreation, emotional support in times of distress, but constantly and consciously evolve, collectively. 
The hirtherto concept of a family council has partly been eroded in our life. I happen to know of a story of a very mediocre person whose family used to have daily dinner table meetings, wherein the patriarch would ask everyone
  • What are your goals
  • What did you do to achieve them today
  • What do you plan to accelerate towards them tomorrow
You know, as the story goes, that mediocre guy went on to become a millionaire.

So yes, be it with family, friends, or an anonymous location wise group, there is a pressing need for all of us to evolve.

Everyone can live a life worth living. 
But can everyone create a life dying for?

arbitSpeculations is starting the NCR Chapter of Averages Anonymous. Would you like to join?

Fill 'er up :)


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