Journalism Ethics. Defamations and Fake News.

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"Fake news appears to have begun seeing general use at the end of the 19th century," However, I'm presuming it wasn't that mainstream, or scary, was it? And then there was satire, often in poor taste, in websites like The Onion, FakingNews et al; openly proclaiming that they provide fake news. 
Trump dumped fake news during elections. By the way, he just said yesterday that he 'invented' fake news 😂. And ever since, the debate is on, Facebook, Google and the giants trying to control fake news. Ofcourse, we have seen it on small scale in the Whatsapp Groups of our extended family/extended neighbourhood/extended et ceteras; how eating wheat increases heart attack risks and how karvachauth fasts are scientifically beneficial.


The video has one simple sentence that blew me off my mind. What remains for proof in court? Technology will blur the human perception between artifical and actual. Anything, any document, video, proof can be fabricated. On a larger scale, it shouldn't, wouldn't make a difference because there, technology counters technology (they'd have fool proof systems to check the documents by technology, whether it has been tamper by technology).
What I fear is mass hysteria. Bandwagon effects. 
When someone posts something looking VERY realistic, more than words and text, more than still photos, rather, videos with audios, on Whatsapp groups and e-mails thast are then circulated to the masses who are often not that informationally or technologically equipped to make an informed choice; or to even understand whether something can be falsified to such an extent-
Imagine the kind of power some violence proprator or mass brain washer can have. 
You see, propogators have huge power. Ram Rahim's followers were ready to destroy the cities. The consequences of being directly affected by fake news are very little. But indrect ones are huge.


I understand now, that journalism will soon become (or maybe it was already, sorry for my ignorance) one of the noble professions. Like doctors saving and teachers making lives, and lawyers preventing the innocent to be proved guilty, a journalist has this huge responsibility of information. Of providing the correct information to people.
But what is even more imperative is the bar that allows someone to post something on the web. Like a bar council or a medical exam, there should be some oath and a governing body that certifies journalists and reporters. Some international UN body from which one can be sure that the news  shown isn't altered. Some way, some measure.
And strict action for fake news. Like we saw Jay shah sueing The Wire for 100 Cr on account of defaming him for a 16000 times turnover increase.

P.S.  Mohi is the one who will correct me on most of the points above, which of course have simply been written off the top of my parochial head. 
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