That redemption called learning.

Last evening, while I was trying to learn how to raise my head upwards to breathe while continuing to thrust back my feet in that blue blue pool of a leisure time, I couldn't help but notice the purity of learning, as a process itself.

With my peer group, I too seem to have grown up. The 4 years 'hands-on' experience adorning my linkedIn profile pretends to say a lot; like most of of my peer group, I too have reduced learning in an alarming way.

Most of the times, we who are now done with our college and university days, and who are supposed to be contributing to the society through gainful employment are busy implementing things we already know.

Most of the times, we are busy showing to the world, we know.

Last evening when I was in the pool, i was facing a simple binary case - the world there was not bothered about me telling that I knew. Either I knew and continued swimming with intermittent breaths taken, or I didn't know.

I clearly didn't know.

Then came the learning part. I can not help myself but romanticize the whole process of learning. While the trainer tried his best giving me all the instructions, I again found myself alone, with water.

Assimilating is as important as being tutored.

It reminded of my pre- JEE days. Lots of things to study, lots of teachers - each claimed to know their fields, lots and lots of books, practice sets, notes, exam papers to be crammed.

And I now romanticize it all the way I used to, more than 10 years ago. Me studying in a corner of a room, with a dim table lamp illuminating my mind silently. The first phase of learning is accepting you don't know. Then you hunt for the right tools that make you know.

Then you learn. Sincerely, feeding in your thoughts the inputs that will give the desired output. 

You can fool the world that you know. But you can't fool yourself. The only way out is to learn. And nobody else can learn it for you. It's an amazing feeling. Knowing, practising things that make you a better version of yourself. Sessions when you talk to yourself, recount how many times you have gulped the swimming pool water before you have taken that one small breath before you go down again. Times when you question yourself why can you not do something. And go after it.

Learning redeems one. 

As I looked up beyond that blue sea of a swimming pool, the lone moon in the dark sky tended to tell me in a clairvoyant voice, "Maybe, we're all here to learn."

9 Apr 2017


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