aS Shorts#2: A collection of s(h)orts!

Ever heard of Creative Limitation? I came across this concept when I was designing a writer's haven for my architecture thesis (yeah, sounds all cool but it wasn't). So the idea, succinctly put, is
We need to first be limited, in order to be limitless
Think about it. A haiku restricts your syllable count. Acrostic poems limit the letter your sentence starts with. The last page of your school notebook has so little space yet produces such exquisite ink doodle masterpieces! To be totally contextual, I saw it with my writer's block. I couldn't get ideas for stories, didn't know where to begin, where to end. Until I came across a few questions in quora, which also lead to me experiment more with this creative limitation concept.

  1. Entire story in monosyllables
  2. Five line rhyming poem starting with 'Shoot me honey'
  3. Twenty word story with a twist in the last word
  4. Ten word heart wrenching story
  5. Five word intriguing story

Go on. Also, a challenge to the reader (yes, you) at the end of this post.

Edit 20/11/2016: Just came across this brilliant article on mental floss. It explores 8 extraordinary examples of 'constrained writing'. Quite intriguing I must say. My creative juices have already started flowing.

1. Entire Story in monosyllables
Life is a drag for all. Yet, he smiled at me each time our eyes met, like a chore. Made my day.

As days passed, there was this odd grief that rose up his face. There was a mute cry for help. I saw the curve of his lips die. I could judge there was load on his mind. Drought in his thoughts, parched for joy. 

He waned like the moon with the ticks of the clock, a sound to which my dreams danced a waltz. I went home for spring break.  
Heard stuff from the crowd this week. Saw it in the news.
Hangs with a noose round the neck in our room, pale - as if a beige paint poured in his veins.
Would it not have been if I had smiled back?

2. Five line rhyming poem starting with 'Shoot me honey'
Shoot me honey, let our children live to tell our lore,
With your trembling fingers ornate with beads of sweat. I'm sure
They hug the cold metal as I did the day before.
Your psyche is my residence, I have been at your side,
Ever since I murdered myself. Now it's your turn to commit suicide.

3. Twenty word story with a twist in the last word
Flatmate confirmed doubts of fake long distance girlfriend, when long chats turned out as recordings narrating reason for his suicide.

4. Ten word heart wrenching story
I'd abandoned her pregnant. My young daughter cries tonight.

5. Five word intriguing story
Diagnosed terminally ill. Wedding tonight.

The challenge
Yes, reader. So like I saw a boost in my creativity on taking up the above restrictions, do you dare to pick one up and post a story of your own?
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for butchered canines. #Yulin

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