Who watches the Watchmen? Who trains the Trainers?

Like that latin phrase goes... 'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?' (meaning 'Who will guard the guards themselves?'), have you ever thought who trains the corporate or freelance trainers themselves?

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Now that I have some of your attention thanks to the deviant artwork by Mr. Cheko111, let's actually look around a little. Trainers, trainers everywhere. Where do they get trained?

Every person who has spent some time in his or her job knows what I am talking about. The 'L&D' department will catch hold of some 'certified trainer' who will come as a subject matter expert and you will have no choice but to listen to him. I was sitting in one of these corporate trainings and instead of listening blindfold, I caught myself thinking rather "Who trains these trainers?

Some google searches down, I hit 'trainception'. There are few training firms which 'Train to train'. Beat that, Mr. Dogg!

For those of you who are still with me on this topic, I managed to find one such 'Train the trainer' event which is going to happen in Kolkata. If you're interested, I've got your back! Down below: (no pun intended)

Program Name: Trainer Certification & Business Support Program - Three-Day Intensive Train-The-Trainer Program (TTT).
Date: September 16, 17, 18 (Fri, Sat & Sun). 
Venue: Park Plaza Ballygunge Kolkata
Time: 9:30am to 5:30pm.
First 10 participants get 25% discount - so the investment is Rs. 15,000 all incl.
If you happen to be an aspiring trainer wishing to wear a badge before you hit it out in the field or an existing trainer ready to upgrade, this program should interest you. Day 1 will give you a comprehensive overview of the training industry, with a spoonful of communication skills and presentation styles. Day 2 will see you questioning your own learnings. you will get to know various questioning techniques, content creation & presentation and building collaterals. Day 3 will seal the knowledge with talks about training opportunities, process of business development and training demonstrations.
Phewwwww... so much of knowledge in only three days, you'd ask? Well, training was easy said no one. The good thing is, invest in one weekend and you will be one step closer to becoming a better self.
Interested people can book their place today by visiting this link: Trainer Certification Business Support Program 
Unique one, right? There are so many things happening around all of us and most of the things get lost in the din of ever increasing social media chatter. Lately I have decided to explore around a bit and talk about more such opportunities happening around us that go beyond the regular faccebook hungry selfie posts.
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Information Credits: http://www.goeventz.com/ - an online portal promising a 'Better you Everyday'. Do check them out, you wouldn't be dissapointed. 
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Sept 5th, 2016


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