Trekkers' delight - To Harihar Fort and beyond!

The thing about the monsoons in Mumbai is that it will make you beg to come and it will make you beg to leave.

I can see many of my friends and colleagues already begging like a lunatic for the rains to go away. But they don't realize that with the rains going away, the lush green, misty, almost ethereal greenery of the western Ghats would also vanish too, leading to that dull dusty foliage we all want to make a blind spot of.

But behold the beauty of Autumn! October and November are the evergreen months to visit any place they say. How about trekking up to a couple of forts this Autumn?

In continuation of my last 'bro finding things before they happen' travel post, here I am with yet another possibility - A trek to Harihar fort and Brahmagiri - Bhandardurga fort on October 8th and 9th.

The Pink Misfortune.

I happened to watch Pink yesterday. Pretty hard-hitting movie, and well made. Amitabh Bacchhan doesn't steal the show which is good. Each character has it's own story and own development. The plot is very believable and the setting even more so.

A brawl between drunk-heads who happen to be a mix of girls and boys, leading to somebody getting hurt. What follows is the reality, arm-twisted with sexism, hypocrisy and patriarchy. Totally recommended if you haven't watched it till now.

The sad part is, most of the people who have watched it sympathize with it and most of the people who should be watching this movie don't give a damn about it. They are busy making the producer-directors of movies which objectify women in broad daylight, billionaires. 

Or, assassinating the character of girls who drink and wear short skirts. 
Now that's a pink misfortune.

September 25th 2016


Anybody up for a trek this weekend to Raireshwar – Kinjalgarh?

Things are changing at arbitSpeculations – travel section. Earlier we used to post travelogues in retrospection (well, that’s how travelogues are meant to be, anyway!) But then a sweet chap quipped, “What’s the point of talking about things that happened. Tell me what travel things are about to happen bro!”

And hence this ‘bro’ decided to find out about travel things that are about to happen and post about it.
Google searches didn’t help much. Our friends at goeventz portal did. I did stumble across this upcoming trek to Raireshwar – Kinjalgarh, ‘about to happen’ this weekend – September 24th 2016. But where the eff is Rair..whatever is that you ask?

My turn to ask questions first. Are you in Mumbai or Pune? Do you love traveling around? Do you brood about the last few days monsoons and the associated greenery of the western ghats is going to last, and do you want to do something about it?

Consumers of content

So I get up and scroll through the feeds of news and updates. I listen to podcasts while I commute, and my eyes stay on the screen while I talk, because deep inside, I have this fear of time running out, and me missing out on any information. Which is kind paradoxical in my case, since the motive of me grasping more information is to have more meaningful conversations with people. 

It is pretty evident from our generation's behaviour, that we're all hedonistic consumers of content. 

But, more importantly, what is the ratio of the content you consume to that you create?


Who watches the Watchmen? Who trains the Trainers?

Like that latin phrase goes... 'Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?' (meaning 'Who will guard the guards themselves?'), have you ever thought who trains the corporate or freelance trainers themselves?

(pic credit:

Now that I have some of your attention thanks to the deviant artwork by Mr. Cheko111, let's actually look around a little. Trainers, trainers everywhere. Where do they get trained?