aS-Featured: I'm Not The Only One

One who reads, writes. As promised, We keep bringing to you 'aS featured' where we publish select ‘arbit speculations’ submitted by our readers to us. Chaitanya Krish speculates on his 'imagined' experience. Do you think you might have some arbit speculation that might be worth featuring? Send it in to We're waiting, readers and writers!

"May I come in Sir..??" 
That voice brought me back to the classroom. It was alive, like a symphony, only starting with a crescendo and never coming down. It had a certain purity and an undefined  rhythm to it. It was the voice of an angel. 
She was searching for a seat anxiously and  that's when our eyes met. With a half smile on my face, and anticipation in my mind, I signaled her to sit in the empty seat beside me, with my eyes.  The class was almost half empty. She could have sat anywhere in the class. She had no reason to accept my awkward invitation. But, when you want something with all of your heart , the universe conspires and brings it to you. Now my relationship with the universe was a bumpy one. The universe usually screwed me every time it got a chance, but that day, it chose not to.  She smiled silently and came towards me and took the seat beside me. My heart was beating slower and faster, the same time. I had butterflies in my stomach, who refused to settle down.