The dazed twenty-something.

This ordinarily mundane age has been so widely celebrated and exploited through its fulsome usage by the internet media , that there is a certain subconscious whisper constantly ringing a cacophony in the mind- “You’re in your twenties. What have you achieved?” This is followed by a balletic nerve-wrecking activity in the tummy, a quiet moment of deep introspection, and ends with me facing back to the computer screen, leaving the mind-fuck plaque to gradually decay the mental peace.
Meg Jay in her TED Talk, ‘Why 30 is NOT the new 20’ quite calmly puts forth a statement that ‘the human brain has its second and final growth spurt in a person's twenties, as it re-wires itself for adulthood.’
Coming from a psychologist [I don’t know why, but I have this inexplicable reverence for them], it scared the shit out of me. My decade had arrived. Now was the time. I had to change my life.

 Convinced me? Yes. Motivated me? Yes. Entirely? No. 

I may be inexperienced, I may be wrong, but here’s a frank opinion- the twenties are highly overrated. It’s just an age like any other.
I came across a recent comic strip that defined it in sheer perfection. Concisely put, it explained that our parents’ generation worked hard for sustenance, but got more than that. Their expectations increased. Hence, there is this surreal image crammed in our mind that each one of us is so unique and special enabling us to be the best among our peers. And this non-competitive jealousy is further magnified by the lens of social media. So we end up feeling low, not because of our apparent incompetence, but because of our bloated expectations.

My cry should not be confused with a raucousness for indolence, adversary for toil. Every tick of time is as precious as the one it precedes. My point here is, stop stressing yourself out. If you look at most of the collaborative blogs, or even Medium for that matter- its trashed with enumerated advices for twenty something's. Eliminate them from your memory even if you came across one and liked it. Construct your own wants, needs and ways to achieve them. Deconstruct the notion of age. Work as hard as you can, but without the heavy loudspeaker behind you that blares you only have a decade to be successful.

The upshot being, that age is just a number. Being thirty (or forty), you can still change your life. I come across people on Coursera who're extremely enthusiastic about learning and doing something even at the age of sixty. And being twenty does not mean you still have a decade to live life the way you want, travel recklessly ‘into the wild’, or be irresponsibly dependent [Yes, I agree with the psychologist here]. But neither does it mean you forget what’s important to you and delve into the workaholic zenana, stop travelling at all, thinking that you can do that later once you get settled. There is no such thing as being settled. Strike a balance.
Carpe Diem. Live the moment. Forget the age.


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