The dazed twenty-something.

This ordinarily mundane age has been so widely celebrated and exploited through its fulsome usage by the internet media , that there is a certain subconscious whisper constantly ringing a cacophony in the mind- “You’re in your twenties. What have you achieved?” This is followed by a balletic nerve-wrecking activity in the tummy, a quiet moment of deep introspection, and ends with me facing back to the computer screen, leaving the mind-fuck plaque to gradually decay the mental peace.
Meg Jay in her TED Talk, ‘Why 30 is NOT the new 20’ quite calmly puts forth a statement that ‘the human brain has its second and final growth spurt in a person's twenties, as it re-wires itself for adulthood.’
Coming from a psychologist [I don’t know why, but I have this inexplicable reverence for them], it scared the shit out of me. My decade had arrived. Now was the time. I had to change my life.

 Convinced me? Yes. Motivated me? Yes. Entirely? No. 

aS –featured: Why should the Microsoft-Nokia deal worry Samsung?

One who reads, writes. As promised, We keep bringing to you 'aS featured' where we publish select ‘arbit speculations’ submitted by our readers to us. The article featured below has been written by Mr. Sushil Malani, a product marketing professional, currently working with one of the leading telecom companies of India. This article will be followed by some more from the same author on connected topics in future aS-features.
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microsoft-nokiaOne more giant fell in the quest to shape future of digitized, connected and mobile world. Nokia respectfully succumbed to the vortex of power struggle for operating system dominance.
It’s Interesting to witness 3 players left to lead the future. And this F1 race is entering into the last lap. Who has taken pole position and has an advantage? Over whom? Who will win? Would there be any other player, ready to emerge from the dark? What are the side effects? What is the future going to look like?