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From indo-pak war 1965.
We cannot afford countless number of deaths in the jails of the two countries justifying “they” killed “our” men, so “we” kill “theirs”. Until, the nationalism of “my” country (which lies deep down in a 60 feet bore well, where Prince, the kid you might remember, had fallen some years ago, wait, do you?) surpasses humanism, let alone the talks about “their” nationalism.

Contrast to this, we pretend to be unaware of the Chinese intrusion into “our borders”. Then, we have Narendra Modi as innocent as any psychological terrorist who is ready to contest for the office of PM. Given he is a development man who is twice as capable as Ram himself, to appear on the iPads of hindutva, the country should forget that Muslims who died in 2002 were as human as Hindus. Easy Peasy? Or, should we wait for one Md. Ghori from the past to contest against him? One of us might argue that NaMo is going to be a “paradigmatic” departure from brutal Nationalism, taking the fact for granted that no more killings in the jails would happen and the new –ism in the dictionary should be religionism. After all, Ashoka did migrate to Buddhism in the end. Didn’t he?
Here rhymes hypocrisy with democracy. And, every pillar is equally a hypocrite. Or, the alternate case, we are a confused mobocracy. We must define to ourselves first, just as Gramsci once did, what do we mean by “our men”? Indians? NRIs? Americans? Hindus? Sikhs? Muslims? Rapists? Humans? And, how do we see the Chinese intrusion in this state of political instability while cheering for our favourite IPL team?
Or, do we see it at all?
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