Kai Po Che: Beyond the 3 Mistakes

Bundled with the frames of crude Ahmdawaad and set in the 2000s, Kai Po Che sensitively touches the political scene of Godhra riots, yet trying to be “fair” enough to cross the boundaries of the censor board and the kesariya and green flagged “institutions”. The film is one of the best cinematic adaptations of an Indian novel done by an Indian filmmaker, in the boundaries of course. For those who have already read Bhagat’s “The Three Mistakes of my Life”, it should be a motion picture of every word written in the book (except the climax which makes it better than the novel), as if it was written to be adapted into the screenplay by default. The small sports shop set against the backdrop of the mammoth temple in the film impeccably concretized the picture that I had drawn while reading it.

Rise of an Underdog: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

SarfaroshYou must have watched Sarfarosh that came in 1999. Remember that police interrogation scene where Inspector Salim (our very own Bulla) bullies two helpless & hapless malnutritioned locals of the nightclub area of Mumbai for some information? One of the guys breaks and accepts to turn informer. The camera then zooms to a triumphant, radiant Aamir Khan, who asks Salim to herd away the others.
You don't? Watch this.