On courts and castration: Need for speed, rapists unleashed

The rancorous rape that happened has certainly stirred up the mass of India.I can sense the emerging odium in the society against whatever is wrong and movements to improve it.
But again a part of me feels insecure- till when? I presume, that by the day after tomorrow, you know- the 'end of the world', all social networking sites, media, talks will plummet to talks of no significance- we survived, i told you it would never happen, let's party. Only a faction will remain that will remember the never ending horror the rape capital has been facing.
Even more disgusting it was, to see a video of an AajTak reporter being eve teased while reporting the incident. Delhi is marring its image as the capital of India.
I feel no need to make this post fulsomely elaborated with solutions to the problem. Enough is being said in the media for the government and the police to act upon.
However, one solution, I feel is extremely necessary to come into action. The implementation of fast track courts. To quote facts and figures- there are about 890 pending rape cases in trial court till date.

Isn't that as disappointing as some one like Kasab, a mass murderer, with evidence on a CCTV camera being punished after about 4 years?
These sagacious fast track courts should be set up as soon as possible and put in action.The Delhi High Court has already approved 5 such courts for rape cases in the city. But the requirement remains across the nation.
Over the debate of chemical castration, I feel that a rapist is some one who cannot and should not be given a second chance. Reducing the testosterone level won't affect his chauvinist mental state of disorder and his belief that he can do anything to a woman for his own pleasure.
The girl endures the torture, while the man is released just by reducing his libido? Fair punishment? Hell no.
And while we're talking about it- bail? Bail in a rape case? The judge that allows it should get the 'dumbness unlimited' award!
It is upon the government and the police, to ensure that the city remains a safe place for women, and upon us and the media to make sure this incident does not go into a dusty old newspaper after we survive the apocalypse, without making an impact on the country.


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