Those who have been to Quora already know how simply awesomeness flows from it. For those who haven’t been on it as yet- you’ll realize it soon. To answer the basic question- What is Quora? I take liberty in getting a cue from an answer well put for one of the questions on Quora itself-  Add 70 IQ points to yahoo answers.
Source- Quora

(Source- Quora)
We all have that little curious child in us- wanting to know more about some specific fields of interest, or explore more subjects unheard of. Quora is the perfect platform for that.

How it works? Follow. You follow a topic that interests you. Some guy has a doubt relating to it, and posts a question. People start answering. You can follow the question too by the way. People vote up the answers, vote down the answers, discuss, interact- Quora gives you the perfect space for an intellectual discussion- which perhaps have been missing ever since the trolls and lols invaded facebook.
Actually the very reason why I’m into quora right now is because the count of users is not many, stupid facebook sort shares are less and while ‘Quora’ing I actually feel that I’m doing something productive on the internet. My knowledge expanse gets a space to grow further. I have a new topic to discuss amongst friends.
The best part of it- People come into their senses. They talk sense. Any random answer is downvoted. Only the upvoted ones are appreciated making a pool of proper questions and answers.
No offense against Facebook, but recently, it has been getting on my nerves. I keep scrolling down the ever increasing pile of shared jpegs ( You have the troll faces, engineer PJs, 9gag style, gangnam style and the list goes on - which, fortunately for you my dear reader, I refrain from mentioning further ; to avoid making aS a database of facebook shares). Only once in a while does a Time magazine, NY times, TED page (etc. etc.) share something that captures my eye and satisfies my hungry brain.
troll lol 9GAG style
(Source- Facebook)
Why am I so fond of Quora? I don’t want people to miss out. I’ve been telling them about it ever since I got to know about it.
What made me so eager to post about it? Well I went through some questions- the gist of which I can share so that you guys can sign up, and search for them ( I know what you’re thinking. No. Quora does not pay me for advertising).
I read a question about the Chakravyuh formation Abhimanyu was trapped in (part of Hindu mythological epic- Mahabharata). A software engineer types down a detailed analysis of the formations with an explanation embellished with diagrams, so much so- that I’m positive it will never leave my mind. And it gave me something to think about.
Five minutes you think, and your brain realizes it can. That sets off your wheels for further action. It’s all in the mind.
I read a question calling for most beautiful phrases. Some were beautiful. Some were unheard of, yet blissfully engaging. Some of another language- all the more -touching.
I read one calling for poems. Short poems. Extremely short poems. “Lighght”, “Me,We”, “Adam, had ‘em”- shortest poems of all time.
Jokes. Nerdy jokes. Witty jokes. Jokes that require intellect. “A mathematician, a biologist, a database administrator, and an astronomer were travelling north by train. They had just crossed the border into Scotland when the astronomer looked out of the window and saw a single black sheep in the middle of a field. "Interesting. Scottish sheep are black," he remarked. "Not so fast," replied the biologist. "We'll need to see the others before we can make such a claim."The database administrator grew suspicious. "Is there just one, or are there many?  It looks to me like Scotland's only sheep is black.""Black on at least one side," said the mathematician.” Lame. Yet funny enough to make you smile.
So maybe these were kinds of examples that might make you believe its all about lame stuff. But it is your choice whether to follow those topics. There are others like Life tips and tricks. What an undergrad student should do during his college years? How to be an entrepreneur? What advice do you give to a student? And the answers are given by MIT grads, Successful businessmen and even say, Chris Putnam!( He gave an answer to a question asking how he got the job at facebook.)
Long story short-
Food for thought- Quora is a luxury buffet. Facebook is like a hostel mess.
If you’re stuck in Rome with Romans and its been a while,
All we are saying- is give Greece a chance


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Thanks for linking us to Quora, Vishesh. It's awesome.

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thanks for sharing such an info ..:)

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