aS photoPreneur Judge speaks: tête-à-tête with Devendra Purbiya

purbiya There are few things that catch one’s imagination more than colors, lights and photographs. We, in aS photoPreneur saw hundreds of them flowing in from different corners of the nation, each unique and captivating in their own way.
For the uninitiated, aS photoPreneur is the ongoing nationwide online photography competition, organized by in its ambitious pursuit of connecting enthusiasts with the masters of the art.
They say, interaction is a two way river. The stage has been set, and the enthusiasts have communicated their hearts out with hundreds of beautiful images. In order to complete the dialogue, we thought of bringing none other than the judge, Mr. Devendra Purbiya himself, to share a few thoughts on photography techniques with the enthusiasts.

aS: Greetings, Sir! We are really thankful to you for having taken out some time from your busy routine to share your thoughts with the readers of arbitSpeculations. Let’s begin with the basics. Say, I want to capture a good photograph. Could you tell us what are the steps I should follow in general?
DP: Yeah, sure! First thing first, you should choose an interesting subject. I agree that it’s the most challenging part. Then you need to choose an interesting viewpoint. It is really important to consider the lighting situation, i.e., whether the setting is back-lit, front-lit, silhouette etc., and adjust the view accordingly. After that you need to make sure that the best technical setting of the camera is applied, based on the conditions.
aS: We do see amateur photographers doing a lot of post processing. What are your views on that?
DP: Some bit of post processing is Okay, but don’t over-edit the image. It kills the photograph.
aS: Quite some insights on the steps there. How about sharing with us some more interesting points that work for you?
DP: There are some basic things that if followed can work wonders for any photograph. Let’s take them one by one.
1. Give space to your subject: Its good to have surrounding also in the frame to get the overall feel of the image. Too tight crops do not work at times. Also giving space in the direction where the subject is looking works better. Space in other direction usually does not add much to the frame.
2. Do not chip off: A subject with a portion chipped off is distracting, as that point becomes first point of view. Imagine a person with an ear chipped off.
3. Lines: If there are strong lines in the frame, make sure they do not give falling feeling, human eye is not used to seeing falling subjects. So aligning the image to a vertical line is a good practice. Perspectives in the image make it look interesting.
4. Eyes in focus: For portraits, keep eyes in focus. And do not take pictures in harsh sunlight.
5. Present a different viewpoint: Try to click image from a different perspective than the regular one.
6. Compose: When you try to frame the subject, make sure there are least distractions, and place the subject in the frame where it has maximum significance.
aS: Amazing insights there, Sir! Thanks you for We hope our readers would benefits from all these tips and ideas that you shared with us. Thank you for taking out some time from your busy schedule for our readers. We hope they would find this interaction interesting, and would learn some quickies to polish their photographic skills and senses. Let’s also wish all the participants of aS photoPreneur luck and hope that they keep travelling and keep clicking amazing photographs.

(More information about the works and profile of Mr. Devenedra Purbiya can be obtained by clicking here.)
If you wish to participate in aS photoPreneur – the nationwide online photography contest, send (only one) self-clicked photograph on the theme ‘The colours of Travel’ to The deadline is August 19th, 11:59:59pm. May the best photograph win!
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