…and The Dark Knight Rises in the End

(From left) Blake, Gordon, Batman, Bane and Kyle. This is just what you thought.
You must fear death.
Lovers of Nolan and fans of Batman will, at once, appreciate the beauty of this fair statement which makes Bruce Wayne the Batman of Gotham in this finale of the Batman series. Nolan’s way to translate the past into the present is yet another example of cinematic excellence without juxtaposition of conceptual characters from the film’s prior two parts.
No, there is no development in the characters, not an inch from scene zero to scene final. They look the same till the end and mind you, looks are deceptive! They are obvious in excesses and your superhero will disappoint you in most part of the narrative. But before you draw a conclusion out of it, let me tell you, the circumstances are so framed that your mathematics might fail to calculate almost all the equations. Oh well, if you’re not a Batman/Joker fan, don’t even try to read the film text.
The film text. Well, it so appeared that the storyline would have been incomplete without the prodigious background score. For once you might find yourself lost within the “Inception” of the background as “The Dark Knight” appears and disappears. Moreover, if you remember the five minutes climax of both these hits, you might get reminded of a few kicks and a ship, one after another. Again, a Nolan fan will read them better. However, a lot of credit lies with the dialogue writer who has strung the several loosely hung threads together leaving you in an awe each time you try immersing deep into the changing colours of the characters. A wisely done writing, I must appreciate. And the genius lies in the even subtle cues given to those who read the characters of Inception in depth. They will easily solve the ultimate equation just by analyzing the style of dialogue delivery of few characters borrowed from the film. However, the connection remains unexplained.
Returning to the colour codes used, the colour black has been one of the dominating colours perfectly matching “The Dark Knight” mood. Not only in the characters and shots but also in the dialogues that might make you pity Batman. And you would love doing so if you are able to collect the definition of the black mask, repeated several times in the film. But, by the time you understand the repetition, it will end in an excessively obvious manner which is one of the oldest characteristics of American cinema. No surprises when it ended that way. But wait, not totally! Moving on, what might surprise you should be Bane. Or maybe not. But Fox, for sure will win hearts as Morgan Freeman always does with his perfect timing and believability even in a fiction!
Another notable character should be Alfred’s. Interestingly, there are several Alfreds in the film. It will be totally your choice to identify or to overlook each of them. Alternatively, you may overlook Kyle: Anne Hathaway towards the end. The choice won’t be yours this time because upon reaching here, amidst his flying machine, people of Gotham, the police force, guns, an atom bomb and the ocean, Batman completes the trilogy making more sense than ever and The Dark Knight rises.


Shad Khan said...

And I couldn't help liking it :)

Mohi said...

Hehe I know! Can't get past it man!

Chandra Nisha said...

Very good analysis of the film Mohi!
It was indeed a worth watching film. Again, a wonderful creation of Christopher Nolan! Hats off to Hams Zimmer too for giving such a thrilling background score. I liked the CG too which had beautified that film. The storyline and dialogues were too good and so was the climax. Last 15-20 minutes were fantastic!
I'm sure Alfred would be happy to see Mr. Wayne's new life at a new place in a new way with a new girl. :P :-)

Mohi said...

Hey thanks there, Nisha. It was a masterpiece, definitely! There are just to many things about this film. It comes out with the film readers from the theater giving them an awesome hangover and that's where Nolan's excellence lies. I can watch it again and again without getting bored and figure out something new each time!

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

All things said and done, am going to re-watch this movie in a theater again real soon, just to re-experience the thrill!
Interesting take on the movie, Mohi. Both Nolan lovers and Batman fans would agree with you.

Mohi said...

Thanks Alok! This Batman fan couldn't help being biased about Nolan after watching this film. :D

Tripti Pandey said...

An amazing review of The Dark Night Rises!!!
Nolan brings his Batman trilogy to a close with a majestic, almost completely satisfying crash. Everything feels epic about the film: the characters, the effects, the emotional stake. It was an expertly paced thrill ride. The sheer scale of the action scenes and pure seriousness of the drama ensure that it feels unique. Nolan provides moments of jaw-dropping spectacle: that football-game set an amazing piece.
Alongside strong performances by Gordon-Levitt and known quantities Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman, Hathaway proves to be a capable, though not exceptional, Selina Kyle/Catwoman. While the catsuit/mask/ears still strike me as too cutsie for the gritty world of Nolan’s Gotham, Hathaway does a solid job of making Kyle the tough, sometimes-enemy/sometimes-ally to frustrate Batman.

Pravy said...

Total Batgasm!!

Robin said...

One of the most amazing movies I saw. Your review is wonderful. Dark Knight Rises has successfully jumped to spot no 2 just behind The Fight Club in my all time favorites.

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