Avengers. IMAX 3D Dubai. Shit just got Real!

And before I begin, let me give a humble advice to all. If you want to try the IMAX 3D experience, choose superhero movies. Or better choose superheroes’ movie.
Or best, choose The Avengers.
I have seen quite a lot of 3D movies before, and more often than not, have returned home either with a ringing headache or a thoroughly unsatisfied experience, thanks to the blurry flimsy 3D glasses that apologize for having sat on your nose.
But this movie in IMAX 3D, as Captain America says for Loki, “grows on you.”
They're here!

Script-wise, there is nothing new. The same old story – one earth with powerless junta, one super-crazy villain desperate to rule them all, only to be defeated by a bunch of guys with superhuman powers, who happen to be at the right place at the right time.
Now, add to this bland cliché of a story a sensible development, portrayal and handling of the individual characters of the superheroes. They are not an army. The are one-man-army. All of them. You see them individually. It feels the right way, as if every superhero is unbeatable in his own might, instead of being in a forced hierarchy.
Captain America (Chris Evans) looks alienated as ever, getting nostalgic about the war era he actually belongs to. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is strong, and he’s proud of being a God. It shows. Hawkeye plays different anyways, as he fights for Loki in most parts of the movie. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) impresses with her interrogating powers.
But three characters surface real good in the movie.
Still elementary, Watson?The first is my favorite, (drumrolls begin) the Ferric Sherlock Holmes of an actor, Mr. Robert Downey Jr. ( drum rolls end). This stubborn rich narcissist genius pervert version of a Superhero is something that Bruce Wayne has lacked since ever. (I feel Iron Man matches the humor and wits of the Joker better, but that’s a different story all together, and that’s a different comic universe too for that matter!) Iron man is an instrumental (pun intended; poor; ignorable) character in Avengers, both in action and witty dialogues. You’d enjoy the movie more if you’re a RD Jr. fan, like me.
GRRRRRRAAAAAGHHGRRR The second is the incredible Hulk/ Dr. Banner (Mark Ruffalo). Ruffalo replaces Edward Norton in this flick. This Hulk is a bit more intelligent ( or less dumb, to say it in a better way), and it turns out that he has learnt a way to control his emotions ( sniff sniff… another hulk sequel on the cards?)
Ruffalo fits Hulk. In a strange way. May be it’s the immense calm on his face, stemming out of the assurance of raw power inside.

And finally, we have none other than Loki. The Loki. The adopted son of a God! Tom Hiddleston plays Loki in this movie in a subtler, graver way. You can smell the hunger for power, the jealousy for respect and the hunt for approval which would feed his self esteem at last. People are saying that they saw a hint of Joker in him.
"You were made to be ruled."
The meticulousness, yes. The humor, No.
But Loki anyways doesn’t  crack satirical jokes. He wears a two horned helmet and is dead serious about ruling the earth. You cannot and should not compare two super-villains whose motives are very different. The joker was a mad dog running after cars, remember?
All in all, a power packed flick. There are some lows in the movie, like, you wonder what the hell is the Black Widow doing among the Super-Guys, when she’s neither a Superhuman, nor a crazy genius of a scientist (She’s an overhyped spy). Cobie Smulders (our favorite Robin) has been terribly wasted. And the plot becomes very predictable when the US army launches a nuclear missile!
Nevertheless, these small tid bits are taken care of when you add to it all the amazing experience of IMAX 3D.
I remember jumping back in my seat when the Hawk-eye shot an arrow right into my eye-balls right inside  the one and only IMAX 3D theater of the entire United Arab Emirates.

And I swear it almost hit me in my left eye!!!


Mohi said...

Oh Oh! o.O I wish we had IMAX here!

अमित कुमार said...

well, more to say... here PVR feels the same what you had there ;) by the way excellent movie

अमित कुमार said...

well, more to say... here PVR feels the same what you had there ;) by the way excellent movie

Prateek said...

Loved the movie, PVR though.

PS : Its not UA of E.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@Prateek... Oh, My bad!

I blame it on Captain America! :D

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