“What’s up?” Why would you ask that?

What a level of ubiquity the phrase has achieved. Every other person we talk to, the first words that exit our mouth and enter his/her ears are, "What’ sup?" or "Sup?" or any other random variation of the same. The slang has infected the virtual communications more than the verbal ones. Think of a time when you typed something other than the above mentioned clichés to initiate an online chat? Still thinking? News for you- You have been infected by the Sup-Epidemic.

त्रि-आयामी परछाई


Post summer placements, I didn’t have much to do out here… In these idle times, the poet inside knocked on my unbolted door.
And I responded.
At times, we find ourselves all alone, struggling against the whole world. During those times too, there are people who stand by us. Who believe in us. Like our ever faithful shadow.
Ever realized you are never alone?

Metallica, Bangalore – A Bihari's Review

If you have been born and brought up in Bihar, Metal just does not make it to the list of the stuff you get to listen to. Perhaps, in this post I should talk more about what happened there at the Metallica show and I’ll be doing the same in the paragraphs that’ll follow, but lemme just tell you this funny thing that happened after the show. I come out of the concert with Alok (you all know him) and Tapan, a college friend of mine,we walk to the nearest bus stop to rest our asses and my sister calls from Patna. While I was telling her all about the show, I could hear in the background Chhath songs being played. Being immersed in a crowd all painted in black, dudes sporting goaties, ladies showing off their outrageous devilish tattoos, I must say there was this culturally shocked Bihari sitting right there on the bus stand. Okay! Enough! I’ll not make this post go all about the above shit, 'coz there are million other things to talk about from the show. Just know one thing about the NRBs (Non Resident Biharis), they tend to get nostalgic at the worst of the times.
Enough Shit!! I talk Metallica now. And before I start talking, lemme show you the exact place I was headbanging around.
Metallica, Bangalore and me