…to the eternal travels of life.

Duniya ke samandar I stumbled upon this audio song of Lucky Ali today afternoon. He uploads all his new albums over internet to be downloaded for free.
This song is one gem of a nomad’s thoughts. I searched for the video. Couldn’t find one.
So, I gathered some of the photographs of my travels till now, and joined them in high definition for a photomontage. I hope the result of the experiment does justice to the lyrics.

If you have a reasonably fast internet, watch it in HD (720p or 1080p). The pics come out better.

The audio credit belongs to Lucky Ali. No one can sing it like him anyways. Here’s the link to his website for the other songs of the album. http://www.raastaman.com/playlist.html
Do mind the lyrics. They are eternal.


Mohi said...

Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics, beautiful photos. A very Magical post!

Pravy said...

Answer this:
Who are you?

I might not be able to give time to this discussion for now,but I so want to know from all of you guys,all of you who think.
What do you think of yourselves?

Lucky Ali's music takes me to a diff world and when his music ends,I find myself trying to answer questions like these.I so believe I am not the lone weirdo here.Discuss.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Yes. Soulful music does this to the mind.

Strange question, Pranav. To think of it, I am a name.
My name.
Or may be not. May be I am more than a name. Or a face.
Or a body. It does get ridiculously cliched from here. But to think of it, yes. There has to be something more to it all.
I am an insecure mind.
An insecure mind which thinks.
Like everybody else.

P. Soumya said...

The song and the pics..they strike a chord somewhere deep within me at a very philosophical level..thanks for this, alok :)

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@Mohi... not as magical as you. :)
@Soumya... yes, this song became my overnight favorite not because of no reason. :) Lovely to know that you could resonate with it.
We need more songs like these. Too bad Lucky Ali doesn't sing much.

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