India. Needs Change.

I don’t know if I should let my heart free and lash out in a sentimental diatribe against those responsible for the state of affairs in our country, or if I should urge you soberly with figures. They say statistics have a way of making a calamity into just another piece of data. How about some data then?

There are an estimated 800 million people in our country living in poverty, struggling to see another sunrise. More than five out of every hundred babies born don’t make it past childbirth; they are victims of our floundering healthcare system. Illiteracy, disease and monetary damages are commonplace in our rustic brethren. As for our losses in corruption, I won’t even quote any figure here, for the very real fear of understating the numbers involved. But then, complaining won’t magically change anything, will it?


What we need is action, and we need it fast. Aam admi’s needs are simple - Healthcare& Sanitation, Housing, Education, Drinking Water and Electricity. India has no dearth of meticulously laid out policies in each of these sectors. Then what prevents us from emerging out of this pathetic state? Focus on - Implementation. The biggest loophole in the whole system.

The dynamism of youth, who constitute a majority of India, tapped in monitoring implementation of schemes and collecting field data might take us a long way. Such crowd sourcing also addresses the unemployment problem partially. Make the future generation an active part of today’s India.

India has about 600 odd million cell-phone users. All we need are applications for passing on education snippets, disease informatics and the like to make use of this huge tool based on latest ICT. Professionals from various fields who possess expertise in specific target points of developmental projects can aid in governance.

Affordable medical facilities are synonymous to a birth right for every citizen. High-end science can assist us in realising it; take the case of recent nano-particle based vaccines that are applied as a simple patch on the skin. Any hassles of sterilized syringes or refrigerated dosages? Not anymore.

Nations don’t witness overnight miracles. India needs a mass movement, a revolution. Our relatively young country needs a spirit to unify it. No matter how culturally different you are from another Indian, and how varied your little, materialistic and individualistic ambitions are, your larger dreams must be common, and of the common good of the country. We need to conjure up some achievement on a national scale to capture the public imagination. Could we take it up as a challenge to implement policies for a better life (health & sanitation, clean water, housing, electricity and education) on a model village in every district during the next five years? With this victory in hand, let us march ahead to change India.

Robert G. Ingersoll, an American Civil War veteran once said, “Hope is the only universal liar who never loses his reputation for veracity”.
I have a hope deep down in my heart. And I have the optimistic faith that we, as a people, won’t let it remain a universal lie.


Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

To think of it, India IS changing. The next generation WILL change the face of India.

For the better or the worse, now that's the question.

Nice post, Soumya. Makes one think. ICT tools are developing exponentially in India. We should soon see a revolutionary change in the way Indian society behaves. Especially, the rural one.

Vishesh said...
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Mohi said...

The face under the white veil of development sometimes looks like this. Though 'change' is not the word here. India does not need to change. India needs growth. The best part is, fortunately, India is growing between corruption and revolutions. World is witnessing the growth. You are representing the thoughts of the youth, the future of India. If the youth is such an aware lot, I do see a very bright future.


Actually India was destined to witness such a cataclysmic situation.
It has in the past witnessed wealth, glory, abundance. Albeit, these things still exist but they are concentrated in small places or hands.
But why are we always complaining.
Govt. is not doing this, it is not serving the people properly.
If people are poor then it is due to their own lack of efforts. And if stronger ones are meant to be helpful to the needy then they should do their duties but living at the behest of stronger ones makes the needy weaker

P. Soumya said...

Yes, I do agree that such a stage in India's development was destined to dawn. Change and growth, hand-in-hand, can take India where it needs to go :)

Aki Prasad said...

What India needs more than anything else though, is the change in the mentality of its people. Historically, we've never been as work-oriented or efficient as say, the Germans. Bribes are more of an unofficial law than a blatant crime here. Bureaucratic formalities and the delays that always seems to creep in with them ultimately make any progressive government project ineffectual. At some level, there has been generation upon generation of incompetency and irresponsibility, not to mention lethargy, that has us where we are. I really hope for a shift in this attitude.

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