The Play of Life.

Shivers of reluctance are bound to run through the body when leaving the womb-like wings made with the very sole aim of comforting the soul. It is the inertia of human, that brings about his indolent likeness to a comfortable situation, and fear enters fearlessly into his mind, obscuring his view to the world beyond.
The wooden world.

When time ticks away, the amateur finds himself pushed out of the wings, onto the hard, wooden stage. From comfort to the unknown. An entirely different world stands in front of him, and he remains entirely indifferent to it. He looks straight, and pupil contraction follows. His eyes have been splashed by the water of lights. He can't see The Audience, but he knows that They are watching him at all times.
Of course, there is this tremendous procreation of the desires to go back to the land of comfort, but as time ticks away more and more, the self stage of the desperate person welcomes on itself, Realization and Gradual acceptance.
Then starts, the play called Life.
Moments arrive when you find yourself in a soliloquy, and it's very hard to tolerate apathy when it's on us. The deliverer stands there on the proscenium saying things he wants to, yet no one listens to him. He's in trouble, he needs some one to talk to, he wants to speak his heart out and yet all of his onstage mates do not 'seem' to acknowledge even a decibel. Then we get disheartened, we feel lonely, letting our self stage welcome Depression.
Always forgetting the fact, that The Audience is always there- listening to us, and this drizzle in the monsoon of time shall soon pass away.
From the Backstage.
There are always people, whom we forget. They set up the props for us during our dark times, they take care of the lights on us, so that we always remain better for The Audience. And yet, we always shower them with infinite looks of neglect. Respect and Recognition is all what we need to give them- for no work in the play of Life is unimportant.
And the play beautifully ends- sometimes it has a tragic ending, or a happy and satisfied one- the lights go off. The Audience applauds and gives you a standing ovation. The lights of the theater are lit- you can finally see The Audience.
The soul is never so satisfied as it is when it knows that it has accomplished the work it was sent on stage for.
Being on stage is a gift- I'd never miss it for the world. And my suggestion to any one who has never been on stage- try it. Your perception of the world would change. You tend to realize that the world watches you, and appreciates your character. It is the very same feeling which instills confidence in your own character.
Be confident, be proud.
......The end.  
Be on stage.


Pravy said...

I don't know why this Eminem song kept playing all the time in my mind while I read .

"His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs,
but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down,
the whole crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out...."

It makes me remember my first time.
The thing about stage gives everyone a chance.If you let it slip,you become the crowd.The one who chooses to go the other way,becomes the star.

Vishesh's message is loud and clear.Just be there. \m/

Mohi said...

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..."

Amazing, Vish! Life lies in small details, doesn't it? And,you are blessed with a very sharp vision. :)

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

And when I was reading this one, I thought Vishesh was talking about life itself.
In life too, either you are a crowd, or a star. And life gives a chance to everyone!


Interesting post, Vishesh. Keep it up.

Vishesh said...

Thanks a lot everyone!

Looks like the audience liked the performance of this neophyte blogger on the aS stage! :D

Ujjwal said...

Typical of you!

Ujjwal said...

Typical of U!

Siddharth Pasumarthy said...

proud of you dost!! :)

Unknown said...


A praiseworthy article! A soliloquy for each question of the soul is the way to have a human grow..All the while reading this article I felt few of my questions, I had answered for myself gained authenticity.. :) Keep writing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you're doing!

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