Kaun Banega Crorepati? Not again.

Facepalm. My obvious reaction on hearing the question asked in India’s most popular game show’s not-so-popular season.
“What electronic device has types like ‘split’ and ‘window’?
A. Television
B. Air Conditioner
C. Refrigerator
D. Toaster
(Why didn’t they make it even simpler? )
For 80,000. Now THAT'S called easy money!

Okay, I admit. Maybe the question was for a lower prize money, hence easier. But this season had been bestowed by many more of my ‘tsk tsk’s.
Ever since Sony took over the show, it has been transformed to a typical reality show. Very similar to Sony’s very own ‘Indian Idol’.
It begins with people in huge crowds entering a building to give the preliminary examination- shown in 2x speed. The camera pans across them and zooms onto a single person. He begins his story. Screen fades into his village. Interviews of his parents, friends. Background music- ‘ Aashaayein’.
I may be sounding inconsiderate right now- but the real point of the game show is drifting away. I agree that giving a brief overview of the contestants helps the audience to relate with them, but added effects like shaking paused screen in sepia mode when a girl gets emotional and cries on screen- seriously?
Whatever happened to the very first KBC?
Our ears were accustomed to the musical melody that signaled our minds to focus all our attention on the ‘idiot’ box.Followed after that - the applause, and there he stood - BigB fit onto the small screen (ironical, ain’t it?). And then his resonating voice boomed across the studio and in our houses.
The words “Swagat hai aap sabhi ka”, “Chaliye aap aur mein milkar khelte hain..”, “Lock Kiya Jaaye?” had reserved a place for themselves in our labyrinth. KBC “Dwiteeya” was no less.
KBC season 3 took an altogether different turn- KkKBC.( I know, it was a VERY bad joke). But I liked it,( the show, not the joke)- although the audience didn’t. 
‘Money, I shrunk myself’KkkBC.
Or wait- it just seemed that the audience didn’t like the show, just because the TRP was lower than the earlier two KBCs. But is TV viewership the only factor that judges the audience’s appreciation of the show?
When KBC 1 sprang up in the winter of TV shows, it was a sight for sore eyes. Star Plus and Zee TV were the only competitors. Desi ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ was sure to be a hit. And came along with it the comeback of The Legend. It was a very much required comeback for him, and it worked.
Many spices of factors altogether made the perfect recipe for a show with the aroma of a very high viewership.
With Season 2, it just so happened, that people expected more out of it. The first impression hadn’t yet left their minds. So they remained loyal. Although the TRP was lower, it was good considering the times. The abrupt ending (due to Mr. Bacchan’s health) was rather a blessing in disguise. Because the show was descending on the expectation ladder. It was monotonous. Nothing new. It had become more of an obligation to watch, just to satisfy the heart.
Now, came KBC 3- with Shahrukh as the host. Witty, and entertaining. He gave the game show its very much required second wing. Cracking a joke or two, gifting watches , hugging people were gestures that reached out of the screens and touched the hearts of the people. He made the contestants laugh. And that actually relieved them from the tense position they sat in.
Devoted Bacchan fans were more like- ‘He can’t replace him!’, ‘Boring show! He just ruined it’. Of course, the second side of the story. Some people liked the monotony of the show. It was a game show, not a comedy one!
And perhaps everyone agreed, Shahrukh did go overboard in calling celebrities onto the show- which didn’t go very well with the audience.
These three were the only KBC seasons that stay in my mind. The later ones are more of a distant memory.

KBC season 5, again, a compulsion to watch just because the very first image of the game show can never leave the place it occupied on our minds and hearts.
The worst parts- the not-so-catchy new pet lines of the host and the expert advice lifeline. A celebrity and an expert just sit there ,knowing the answer to your question. What a lifeline! Why not change the lifeline to just ‘Get to know the answer’ lifeline!
The best parts- same contestants (of fastest finger first) continue for a week , and the BigB. He is the major reason- his charm, his personality and the respect he has amongst everyone in the country, that makes people watch the show.
If that wasn’t so, then shows like ‘Sawaal Dus Crore ka’ , ‘Jeeto Chhapad faad ke’ etc. were the topics my blog here would’ve been about. Or maybe the disastrous ‘Kya aap Paanchvi Paas se Tez hain?’.
Anyways, It’s not like ’10 ka Dum’ did bad. It was rather quite a show. Why it was welcomed by the audience again? Oh yeah- ‘Sallu’.


Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

KBC was one TV show I always enjoyed watching.

"Main Amitabh Bacchan bol raha hoon." :)

But that was when I used to watch TV. :D

Sad to know about the 'Indian Idolization' of KBC. Why does Sony want to eat away the character of the show?

Vishesh said...

Well, I guess MBA people should know that :P.
By the way, it is one show that will always remain ,however huge it is modified, in our hearts and in the tv set. :)

P. Soumya said...

Absolutely, Vish. KBC has touched millions of hearts all over the country and will stay there for a long time to come..

Arjun said...

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