Isn't it lovely when it rains!


Isn’t the grass greener when it rains?
Isn’t the air refreshingly cleaner?
Isn’t the chatter of raindrops and the white foam purer?

Don’t the leaves seem to say,
'Ah! Here it comes, and liven us it may!'
Aren’t the people more colourful,
With their vibrant shields from the showers?

Isn’t life thriving everywhere,
From a tiny seed to the huge tree it bears?
Doesn’t a shiver go down the spine,
To hear the thunder and see the lightning shine?

Isn’t it heartening to see a ray of light
Slyly creeping up after a water fight?

Isn’t it lovely when it rains,
Pouring cats and dogs on a parched land?
Isn’t it lovely when it rains,
Awakening nature and beautifying land?


Mohi said...

Lively poem, Soumya. I simply loved the flow!

Tanmoy Hazra said...

delightful...seems as if the essence of the rain has been captured so vividly dat u can actually smell d fresh earth.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I feel the exact same emotions as were portrayed in the poem. Nice one!

P. Soumya said...

Thanks everyone!

Akhilesh Prasad said...

Simple. Sweet. Superb.

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