When I woke up in God’s own country: Kerala #2

Day 2: The Lake, the tea plantations and the mighty hills!  
Reaching Munnar from Kochi was a disaster. The state KSRTC bus felt as if it was a war-truck, transporting us all to some random unknown place in the dead of the night.
Thankfully, the back breaking ordeal ended, and we reached the hill station. A cottage in Munnar was waiting for us for an incredibly cheap price. It is always better to look for cottage homes instead of hotels in these kinds of places. They are closer to the actual touch.
We hired a Jeep. The driver knew all the places pretty well, and knew some good anecdotes too. We started on the day’s trip by first visiting a lake where we could powerboat!

Peaceful waters and and still minds

When I woke up in God’s own country: Kerala


Day 1: The Backwaters!                                           

We reached Alleppey before the dawn broke. A few cups of tea later, we set on our task to find a good and affordable houseboat for our day’s travel. Midway, good food at a local restaurant set the mood for the day.
The weather was cool and everything was just right for a wonderful boat trip in the Kerala Backwaters!

Kaun Banega Crorepati? Not again.

Facepalm. My obvious reaction on hearing the question asked in India’s most popular game show’s not-so-popular season.
“What electronic device has types like ‘split’ and ‘window’?
A. Television
B. Air Conditioner
C. Refrigerator
D. Toaster
(Why didn’t they make it even simpler? )
For 80,000. Now THAT'S called easy money!

Isn't it lovely when it rains!


Isn’t the grass greener when it rains?
Isn’t the air refreshingly cleaner?
Isn’t the chatter of raindrops and the white foam purer?


The Play of Life.

Shivers of reluctance are bound to run through the body when leaving the womb-like wings made with the very sole aim of comforting the soul. It is the inertia of human, that brings about his indolent likeness to a comfortable situation, and fear enters fearlessly into his mind, obscuring his view to the world beyond.
The wooden world.