ZNM Dobara. Facing one’s fears was never this poetic.

Yeah yeah. Management is one taxing course to pursue. Especially timewise. I remember talking about good movies here on aS every time I saw one. And though this post comes after a long long time, I think it’s worth it.
So, after one hectic week full of exams, I got a day to myself. And I watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara here in Cinepolis, Bangalore. 
Take out the beautiful landscape of Spain. Take out the Tomatina festival. Take out Hrithik’s perfect body, Abhay’s chilled out demeanor and Farhaan’s amazing dialogue delivery.
Take out the gorgeous Katrina.
You still are left with a great movie that talks about how important it is to face your fears and move on in life.
And a poetic one. Javed Akhtar’s words, mixed with a bit of Europe’s fresh air and some honest emotions on known faces, make one think. The movie goes beyond its own range. Each one of us has got to shed his/her inhibitions, doubts and fears because, of course, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.
And then there are the breath-taking deep diving under sea frames, and the wonderful skydiving shots. Try searching yourself in them, and suddenly you feel good. Uplifted. Amazing feelings.
The bull running sequence could have been portrayed better, but then, you have a movie with Hrithik in it. Don’t expect too much. :)
All in all, a movie full of fun and soul searching scenes. You get reminded of Dil Chahta hai. Shankar Loy Ehsaan disappoint in this one, but then, Spain edges over Goa. ;)


Mohi said...

And, that's why I am not able to get tickets here in Patna. It has been running houseful from the day it was released!

By the way, good to see you back after a long gap. aS missed you and your reviews. :)

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