Just Hired!

Soumya Vishesh
Once upon a time,
in a land far far away lived a pretty girl. Every day, she would let her thoughts wander into the depths of paradise surrounding her little kingdom -- the angels flying in the skies, the devils haunting the dark forests, witches and cruel stepmothers, Prince Charming, talking animals and birds, magical spells and curses -- nothing was impossible in her world full of miracles!
For years she waited in her cottage -- for she knew destiny wouldn't disappoint her. Lo and behold, one fair morning, as she opened her eyes she found her wings. A fairy had blessed her in her sleep! She could fly! And fly she did, to discover her paradise.

The girl was Soumya. arbitSpeculations is the fairy, and the wings are -- well you know :)
I thank Team aS for welcoming me into the family! With my newly bestowed e-quill, I set forth to discover the world of Blogging.

Believe in miracles, they do happen ;)
Aloha Everyone!
Now a member of this blog arbitSpeculations ( Wow! It felt so great to type that down!)- here I am, Vish.

Soumya has told you all about me at http://goo.gl/lHI0t
(Believe me, it wasn't exaggerated at all). So now it's my turn to describe myself in a few words.
I guess one word is enough- arbitrary. So I believe I'm at the right place. I hope you guys like my writing style.  I'll be blogging about everything that I know of, that can be put into letters and spaces ( long, detailed sentence to say that I can't write on anything specific).

Thanks for welcoming me aboard this ship!



Mohi said...

How lovely I feel to read your first post here! Soumya. Vish. Hope to read some truly arbit pieces from your side. Hi Five!!! :D

Pravy said...

We are lucky to have you both.


Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@Soumya... :D Fly, girl. The world is yours. Nice to see your and your e-quill's enthusiasm. Welcome to aS.

@Vish... Yeah man. We are all arbitrary here. Looking forward to some increased randomness around. :)
Welcome to you too!

Anonymous said...

Pretty ahan? that was pretty modest of you!
By the way Vishesh the link given by you is misleading!!
and yeah I am eagerly waiting for posts by you two :)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous... Vishesh's link has been updated.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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