A morning in Nandi Hills: Stuff dreams are made of…

So, the wanderlust tantalized by the Shivasamundram trip found me roaming around in yet another amazingly beautiful place this Sunday. And as always, I couldn’t resist putting the experience up on aS travel !
A bike trip to the Nandi hills, Karnataka.
Swinging in a haze
It all was pretty randomly planned for me. At 10:45 pm I got to know about a bike trip being planned, at about 1 am I got the bike keys from Chaitanya.

Just Hired!

Soumya Vishesh
Once upon a time,
in a land far far away lived a pretty girl. Every day, she would let her thoughts wander into the depths of paradise surrounding her little kingdom -- the angels flying in the skies, the devils haunting the dark forests, witches and cruel stepmothers, Prince Charming, talking animals and birds, magical spells and curses -- nothing was impossible in her world full of miracles!
For years she waited in her cottage -- for she knew destiny wouldn't disappoint her. Lo and behold, one fair morning, as she opened her eyes she found her wings. A fairy had blessed her in her sleep! She could fly! And fly she did, to discover her paradise.

The girl was Soumya. arbitSpeculations is the fairy, and the wings are -- well you know :)
I thank Team aS for welcoming me into the family! With my newly bestowed e-quill, I set forth to discover the world of Blogging.

Believe in miracles, they do happen ;)
Aloha Everyone!
Now a member of this blog arbitSpeculations ( Wow! It felt so great to type that down!)- here I am, Vish.

Soumya has told you all about me at http://goo.gl/lHI0t
(Believe me, it wasn't exaggerated at all). So now it's my turn to describe myself in a few words.
I guess one word is enough- arbitrary. So I believe I'm at the right place. I hope you guys like my writing style.  I'll be blogging about everything that I know of, that can be put into letters and spaces ( long, detailed sentence to say that I can't write on anything specific).

Thanks for welcoming me aboard this ship!



Racking arbitSpeculations up!!!

be different
Results are out, ladies and gentlemen!!! arbitSpeculations is done with the hiring process, and here are the newest additions to the hallowed team aS.

Soumya Pasumarthy - IIT Kharagpur

Vishesh Gupta - IIT Kharagpur

मैं लिखता हूँ |


मैं और आलोक अब एक ही शहर में रहते हैं| ऐसा बड़े दिनों बाद हो पाया है|१२ साल पहले एक ही क्लास में पढने से लेकर आज एक ही शहर में फिर से दोनों रोज़ अपनी अपनी दौड़ दौड़ते हैं | इन बीते सालों में बहुत कुछ किया है हमने साथ में,लिखने बैठूं तो शायद रात से सुबह,फिर सुबह से रात हो जाए| aS भी इन्ही में से एक है|

Rising in a fall : ShivaSamudram, Karnataka

ShivaSamudram Falls, Karnataka Image courtesy: Bhavya Sindhu M.             
“ I faced it and tried to open my eyes. I just couldn’t. The mighty waterfall was coming down on my face and my chest full on.
It hurt.
But I had never felt this alive before. With my arms stretched wide, I tried looking around. Hazy sights of white bliss falling on a bunch of adventure freaks.
Of IIM Bangalore. Thanks, Anveshan.”

aS Travel


arbit Speculations: Travel
 Diu Fort, 2009
While I was in Ahmedabad, one of my co-interns from Bangladesh planned to visit Diu. He wanted to spend at least three days there. I asked him what would he do for three days, when he could have effectively roamed around the entire place in a single day.

He said, “I don’t want to be a tourist. I want to be a traveler.”

ZNM Dobara. Facing one’s fears was never this poetic.

Yeah yeah. Management is one taxing course to pursue. Especially timewise. I remember talking about good movies here on aS every time I saw one. And though this post comes after a long long time, I think it’s worth it.
So, after one hectic week full of exams, I got a day to myself. And I watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara here in Cinepolis, Bangalore. 
Take out the beautiful landscape of Spain. Take out the Tomatina festival. Take out Hrithik’s perfect body, Abhay’s chilled out demeanor and Farhaan’s amazing dialogue delivery.
Take out the gorgeous Katrina.
You still are left with a great movie that talks about how important it is to face your fears and move on in life.