Indians, Humans and Cannibals

3 moderate to high intensity bomb blasts rocked Mumbai today. We heard the boom kilometers away. India is on high-alert. Death toll continues to increase every second hour. Mumbai is in a chaos. Home Ministry is now on alert, once again. Media is reporting from ever nook and corner of the blast affected areas. People have lost their dear ones. Some are injured, some are scared. So far, no terrorist organization has taken the responsibility of the blasts. Indian political dais is burning in the fire of a dirty blame game. Loss, distance and pain are together pertaining to an intense agitation. There has to be an answer.

After some more hours, statements will come from the government of India, about how it happened, whom they suspect, why did the Intelligence fail to report a possibility of such an incident, what were the flaws in the security; if any at all and some more of this kind. Media, on the other hand, will first report with heart and soul and later burn the issue in an inevitable TRP war. On the third front, some terrorist group might/would come forward to take the responsibility of cracking whip on dead bodies of innocent Indians humans. Fourthly, within 24 hours of this attack, Mumbai will start breathing once again. Such is the invincible courage of this metro. Then, a wave of resentment will engulf humans Indians. Agitations, Sensational News-bites, Anshans… democracy will suddenly come to life. World will condemn this attack. Now and forever.
Then? Then.
Coming to the terrorists. A home-grown Islamist terrorist group, the Indian Mujahideen (IM), is suspected to be behind the three explosions. T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T-S? What was this 24 hour drama for? What kind of T-E-R-R-O-R do you want to see? Whom have you killed?
Humans are wailing today because some other humans killed some innocent humans. I wonder sometimes. Why do they call it terrorism? We have another suitable word.


kartik said...

this whole act of violence may not be appealing to disturb the people all over the country physically , but it is actually affecting them mentally and emotionally. hence it is said to be spreading as in terror, hence called terrorism.
without being a part of that crowd of mumbai, we feel griefed and hurt.

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