Indians, Humans and Cannibals


3 moderate to high intensity bomb blasts rocked Mumbai today. We heard the boom kilometers away. India is on high-alert. Death toll continues to increase every second hour. Mumbai is in a chaos. Home Ministry is now on alert, once again. Media is reporting from ever nook and corner of the blast affected areas. People have lost their dear ones. Some are injured, some are scared. So far, no terrorist organization has taken the responsibility of the blasts. Indian political dais is burning in the fire of a dirty blame game. Loss, distance and pain are together pertaining to an intense agitation. There has to be an answer.

Facebook ready to Bounce back!

After a week of Google+ hustle, Facebook is back into news. Zuckerburg announced a couple of goodies for all Facebook addicts few hours ago. The website’s blog announced it earlier than him. Nevermind.
So, coming to the point. Facebook will have Video calling for everyone over the next few weeks, but if you don't want to wait, you can get it now. Yes! Mark told the media that this is going to be a less than 30 seconds affair on a sound internet connection. The two biggies, Facebook and Skype have joined hands to make the world smaller.