Chalo Dilli : Another ‘feel-good’ movie of Vinay Pathak

Months had passed since I watched a good hindi comedy. Chalo Dilli did it for me. A lovely movie to watch if you want some light hearted comedy, along with some clichéd life lessons.
Gaye dilli!
The story is about a working woman who is a senior VP of an investment banking firm, and believes in living with total control; and in the meanwhile, has forgotten when was the last time she saw a beautiful sunrise. It’s about her ordeal from Mumbai to Delhi via Jaipur, and in the meanwhile, her journey back to the basics of life.

It’s also about Vinay Pathak. Give him any name on screen (here, Manu Gupta), and he will still be the ever laughing Vinay Pathak, with a solid sense of humor and carefree dialogue delivery.
It only gets better seeing him as a shop owner in Karol Bag, Delhi. You would actually feel that the screen character is inspired from his personality, and not the vice versa.
A gripping comedy of errors, Chalo dilli has something to offer in every sequence. Mihika misses her flight, loses her way to delhi in a car, forgets her luggage somewhere and gets robbed, all in company of (and most of the times, because of) Manu, only to win her life back.
The extreme health conscious and control freak Lara, after much hesitation, takes one bite of the butter dripping tandoori roti and paneer ki sabzi at a roadside dhaba and ends up finding a strand of hair in it.
And Vinay Pathak reacts: “Lagta hai ji, bagal ka hai.”
And you die laughing.
The message, though clichéd, is touching. Manu keeps repeating, “kon si badi baat ho gayi!” carelessly throughout the movie, and only in the end one realises that his wife has been in coma for the last two years, and when he says, “what’s the big deal?” after Mihika get robbed off her laptop, he means it.
A light hearted feel good movie. Must watch if you are a Vinay Pathak fan or wish to laugh away two and a half hours randomly.
Alok K.


Mohi said...

Nice review. Sounds good. After exams, this is gonna be the film.

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