When Blue shadows turned Red...

I am walking with many people on a road, that leads to nowhere. Suddenly I have a feeling that I am being followed by no one. I look back. There is no one there. I get a feeling that nobody’s leading me either. I look straight again.
Sheer cipher. Nobody.
I am walking alone. Everything has disappeared.
I realise that I am walking on a thin but straight thread, and am amused by the perfect balance that I have been maintaining.

Way to go, Man!


Folks, arbitSpeculations was a combined dream of its Co-founders, Alok and Pranav. Two years back, these two young lads started this blog to improve their General Knowlegde for CAT, only to make it what it is today, an e-Zine that covers everything. (Refer to Pilot of aS.) Two words that instantly come to my mind are ‘mission accomplished!’. It can only get better from here.

Who is Anna Hazare and why is he not eating?

There’s an old man in our country who has chosen hunger over corruption. And he knows how the country can make him eat again – The Jan Lokpal Bill.ed
Padma Bhushan Kisan Baburao Hazare was working in the Indian Army for 15 long years before a close brush with death in 1965 made him dedicate his life for the people of India. And thus was born a social activist who made sure that one Ralegan Siddhi village was transformed from a highly degraded village ecosystem in a semi-arid region of extreme poverty to one of the richest village ecosystems in the country.
And now this social hero is hungry again.