Do You Need a Valentine?

The Valentine’s week has painted the markets red with much hustle and bustle. Love is in the air. Well, the single hearts must not be disappointed. For, technology market is all hot for you this week. Oh yes!Dell Venue
To start with, Dell phones have already reached India. Dell Venue and Dell Venue Pro. Both top end smart phones with looks you would die for. The Dell Venue runs on Android 2.2 Froyo. It features a 4.1-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with Gorilla Glass protection, an 8MP camera, in addition to a 1GHz processor. It also sports ActiveSync and QuickOffice, and supports Swype text input. Priced at 29,990 INR this perfect one touch 3.5G(as called by Dell) phone is as pretty as your first girlfriend.

Dell Venue ProComing to Dell Venue Pro. They have called it a Pro and before you think of it, it has got nothing to do with its Windows Phone 7 platform. It’s a Pro, because comes bundled with a QWERTY slide form factor. Like Venue, it features a 4.1-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with Gorilla Glass protection, but has a 5MP camera instead of the Venue’s 8MP. Unlike Venue, this business oriented device also offers some great gaming applications via WP7’s Xbox Live platform, as well as a range of cloud-based services. Dell’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone is priced at 34,990 INR. Tempted? I am tempted too.
And, we have more. Nokia’s much awaited E7 is hitting Indian shores this week. The device made waves back in September 2010 with its thin form factor that squeezed in a sliding QWERTY keyboard. It’s much the same phone as the N8, with few differences which include an 8MP fixed focus camera (with dual LED flash) instead of the N8’s 12MP auto-focus Carl Zeiss branded camera, and, the presence of a full-fledged document editor instead of the N8’s document viewer. Right now the device has been roughly priced at 37,000 INR. We expect the prices to sidle down to around N8’s as it lands to the Indian markets.
Adding whip to the cake, If by any chance were you longing to try your hands on one of the WP 7 devices, just after Microsoft's official launch date in January 2011, then you are invited to experience the joy of ordering HTC HD7 on Flipkart for a price of 31,000 INR on a click of your mouse.
So, with such beauties around, What do you say? Do you really need a Valentine?


Pravy said...

Hmm...Time to get a new Dellruba :D

waise Ekdum Bejuti kiya hai..
Na to paise hain ki itne mehnge phone kharid saken...Na hi valentine.

Kharide to shayad hi koi...But great news that Dell has launched Phones.

ll like to add with Androids in the market,until and unless windows dont evolve,Its curtains for them soon.

All in all a good comparative review :D

Mohi said...

You slapped the bezuti back to your Dellruba. :D

Thank you for appreciating. :)

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

and that makes me think, what if some lucky brat has both a girlfriend and gandhiji enough to buy this cool dellruba?
Happy Valentine's day to all on that note. :D

Awesome looking phones, but win7 phone seems very basic.Out of these three, I would want to bet my money on Nokia E7. :)

Mohi said...

That lucky brat will celebrate a Valentine's Day Pro. :D

Unknown said...

I don't need a valentine, that's for sure :P
Happy to see the Dell's entry to the smartphone market. Price they kept is really competitive for a 4 inch screen. On the negative side, it could hamper the sales of Dell streak 5 inch tablet. Would love to see the market getting more and more competitive.
Anyway nice review :D

Mohi said...

Dell streak is a lovely device. You know what, I would love to add a QWERTY keypad to all tablets. :P But then, that's the ultimate USP of such devices. No keyboard multi touch function.

Competition is good. Lets see which device sells. All three of them are nicely priced and Dell never fails to deliver. Like I said in the post, the market is indeed getting hotter. :D

Thanks for appreciating.

Sachin said...

You bet I do .... Even the most hardcore techies will answer the same ! No silicon filled plastic shells can take the place of real flesh and blood:P

(In response to the last line of the writeup)

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