On Aamir khan and Kiran Rao

Aamir and Kiran
Abe Aamir ne maal nahi patayi be...
I heard Ashwin say this as he was casually strolling through this late january edition of People magazine. The issue features a joint interview of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. I had read that interview .It was lovely. I ‘ll tell you what kind of lovely. Once it happened with a guy,a friend of mine who fell for a girl. Almost daily he had these conversations with me about how perfect match they were. I found him somewhat crazy on believing all this lovely goddamn perfection thing. But then there happened an occasion when I met both of them together. They looked real lovely. Loveliest of all the goddamn lovely things that I had ever seen. Reading Aamir and Kiran together gave a similar feeling.:D
Hours later I found myself pondering over Ashwin’s oneliner .
Abe Aamir ne maal nahi patayi be..

Do You Need a Valentine?

The Valentine’s week has painted the markets red with much hustle and bustle. Love is in the air. Well, the single hearts must not be disappointed. For, technology market is all hot for you this week. Oh yes!Dell Venue
To start with, Dell phones have already reached India. Dell Venue and Dell Venue Pro. Both top end smart phones with looks you would die for. The Dell Venue runs on Android 2.2 Froyo. It features a 4.1-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with Gorilla Glass protection, an 8MP camera, in addition to a 1GHz processor. It also sports ActiveSync and QuickOffice, and supports Swype text input. Priced at 29,990 INR this perfect one touch 3.5G(as called by Dell) phone is as pretty as your first girlfriend.

The Ideal Scam (Adarsh Ghotala)


Scam Scum Series  ( The year 2010 was one big precipitation flask for the Indian democracy. Call it crowning corruption or extremely cautious media whistle blowing, the fact remains. India saw scams surfacing like never before in the last few months. We, at aS have started this scam scum series to enlighten our readers about what went rotting in each of these scams.)

Read, and comment.

The Tower of Shame.

Adarsh. The Ideal.
My list of rare oxymoron words just gets increased by one, when I write ‘The Ideal- scam’. A classic story of how soul-less the Indian politicians and the bureaucracy has become, the Adarsh housing society scam uncovers the dark face of Indian ‘Afsarshahi’.