Morph me Green!

My thesis topic brought me back to the rural India, and as always I took with myself my digicam, the infidelity of which I decided to revenge by painting them the color I wanted to see them in.

Hence I morphed them green. All of them; even the black and white ones. Green, after all is more than a color.

I am what I am.

Chasing the Light.

I walk alone.

The naked brick.

Education liberates...

'Roshni to tum bhi ho, roshni to hum bhi hain!"

Getting high with grass...

Sar utha ke maine to kitni khwahishein kee thi...

Time, God and a human being.

That's all folks. Hiding the reality through photediting was not the aim of this post.
Rather, it was meant for the blind people.
Like me.

Alok K.


  1. Each picture is so beautiful and green of course! Awesome photoblog. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. bahut accha hai bhaiya...........
    Manish ki dadi ka pic to gazab ka hai.
    Bilkul clear.

  3. awesome dude :)
    keep the good work up..

  4. Make a coffee table buk outta it !

  5. superb shots ... made my day .. well, not exactly, my whole day ... but surely this cold winter evening on the couch .... thanks :P

  6. 'sar utha ke maine to..'
    awesome photography..and equally awesome the lines which go with them..have gone through this 4-5 times..

  7. Beautiful photography....and even better thoughts attached to them....its long i have visited rural India....the photographs are attracting.... Nostalgia!!


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