Oh Boy...You are SANE.

( This post started as a normal video shared over facebook by Pranav on his profile but later turned into a lively group discussion between the three of us over the issue of Media Ethics in India. )
Disclaimer: The video (of a speech given almost one year ago) itself is 13:22 mins long, and the comments (unedited; full of typos) that followed are no shorter.

Watch and read at your own risk. :)

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Okay, if you have actually managed to read this down, the blank comment box above hints at something. :)
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Unknown said...

The bottomline is "Media is Unethical and reckless and shows crap news just to increase the TRP"
So the question arises why is it happening? "Koi kuch kyun nahi kar raha hai media ko aisi khabre dikhaane se?"
Here's what i think the problem is,

Politicians and legislative bodies wants people to be distracted from real matters and news. It's like If people want to watch such crap news and no one complains then who are they to stop media from showing such stuff?. Instead they are happy that the public is refrained from real matters like poverty, unemployment, corruption. Why would they stop media? So that they bust there corruption scams and security failures during the mumbai attacks to the public?, i guess not.

"TRP badana media ka maqsad hai, asli muddon aur khabron se logon ko door rakhna sarkaar ka maqsad hai". Aur public??? public ko koi fark nahi padhta jab tak us khabar se unhe koi fayda nahi milta.

Now the responsibilty comes to us. If we do not speak or start demonstrations against the media or address these issues to the public, it cannot and will not be stopped.

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