Donate Blood this Red-Lettered August Day.

Our freedom fighters knew the vitality of blood. That’s what made leaders like Bose to demand blood in return of freedom and the Indian youth to reciprocate to the call in thousands.
Time comes to full circle, with an N.G.O. named  GO INDIA FOUNDATION taking the initiative to set nationwide blood donation camps, on the very red letter day of India: 15th August.
Donate blood this 15th August
The target: 63,000 units of safe blood from all over the country, to meet the ever increasing blood needs in case of medical emergencies and other medical cases.

The Donors will get a Free medical examination including medical history, hemoglobin estimation and blood group determination. The donated blood will be tested for hepatitis B, C, HIV viruses, syphilis microbe, together with liver function tests too. The test reports will be mailed to you secretly, if you wish so.
We urge our readers and followers to get registered in the noble campaign and help the Indians in need. The link to the registration page is:

Team arbitSpecs.
P.S. Arbit Speculations is not associated to the NGO GIF through any means. But yes, we support them intellectually, and hope that our readers would second us. For more info about the campaign, please visit:


Manjit Vishal said...

Thanks Alok for including this event in ur blog...
We r supporting the whole event for Bihar...hope u can also participate in it somewhere..

kumar ujjwal said...

you are working for an issue that needs awareness as well as contributions from all indians. i'll be proud to be a part of it

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@ Manjit... Oh its wonderful to find out that you people are supporting the blood donation camps in Bihar.
Keep up the good work.
And yeah, I am looking forward to it.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@ Ujjwal... Go ahead man! Follow the registration link and make a difference!

Mohi said...

I am looking forward to donate for this cause too. ;)

Pravy said...

Donating blood last tym was Fun..

I recall the days of Bangalore.For mom's surgery we needed to deposit blood at the blood bank there.

Me and Manish were lying on adjacent beds ....Sala poora filmi scene lag raha tha...

Aur phir khoon dene ke baad Mummy Papa Rasgulle bhi to khilate hain...So yaar maza hi aata hai.
Jam ke khoon do sab log :)

Anshul Mathur said...

Dude,I have always thought of your Blogging as a waste.....But this one is really impressive.

Pranav said...

Ohh...This one was unexpected.. :)

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@ Anshul.

Your welcome dude. Even the stars high in the sky are nothing but a ball of dust perceived better.
See if you can join the cause.

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