Nvidia’s Android Tablet--A better iPad?

“Does not matter if my girlfriend is dumb, stupid and speaks too much; she still is very beautiful and all those things don’t make her a penny less hot.” This is what the iPad lovers and buyers say. Okay, lets accept it, iPad succeeded in making it’s place in the market just beyond our expectations. And, ever since it was launched, tablet companies across the world have been going through a frantic of technique changes to make their tablets sleeker and smaller with optimized performance. The fresher in this tablet school is Nvidia with their new proprietary Tegra 2 based tablet. This 8.9 inch tablet is characterized by a Dual-Core ARM Cortex 9 chip which is far ahead of Apple’s A4 based iPad in terms of computing performance, hence making the device tremendously fast. It runs the Android OS which has recently taken over the mobile computing device market.

In case you don’t know about Tegra 2, it was launched by Nvidia earlier this year with, eight independent processors,(yes EIGHT) including the world’s first dual core CPU for mobile devices which is being showcased in their latest tablet. Does not that mean, all cores can be used simultaneously or individually to minimize power usage and enhance battery life? Wow. I must tell you that Tegra delivers lightening fast browsing, 1080p video streaming capabilities, and supports Adobe Flash 10.1 acceleration using the world’s first dual core ARM Cortex A9 processors which runs up to 1GHz. The widescreen aspect ratio inside a game is brilliant and it supports multi-touch that means, more visible area unobstructed by the hands. The device has a front facing camera which allows for POV 3d Games, the next best thing to actual 3D-even better if done right. And, unlike the iPad, it has two USB ports.  Nvidia’s new tablet is a pool of amazing hardware.
Coming to the looks.
It looks like umm.. plastic? Yes, it’s rounded and gives a plastic feeling. The screen is not as crisp as the iPad and not at all glossy. It would be better to say, it’s pretty but not as pretty as the inside. Another thing, Nvidia is not a consumer electronics company, they make chips like the Tegra 2, so I hope such an amazing hardware combo device is not shelved.
The analogy. I don't think Android will have to work that hard to better the iPad. Compared to the iPad it does feel a little plastic, but that is where its mediocrity ends, the hardware it packs makes up for its lack of “glitz”. It sports a 1GB RAM, 2 USB ports and front facing camera. Then one or two proper SD card slots, nice touch functionality and a zippy processor. And, you’re done!
Let’s wait for this device. The launch has not yet been announced, but I will be waiting. We can say that Nividia’s fresher tablet is a brainy girlfriend with average looks and loads of functionality. The choice is always yours. ;)


Pravy said...

Gadgets for girlfriends....Luved that, Mohi. :)
I hate ppl who just live in the illusion of being superior being ladded with white wires around them.
Paying about double for everthing just to own another status symbol.
I-pad was Grade-A Assholery from steve jobs nd co.
This one of course sounds better.Lets see how this smart yet not breath taking beautiful gadget runs around..

Pravy said...

@ Mohi
This is the comment thread that happened as your article went published through my buzz...Thought you wud like this to be here..

Rikil Shah - I think Notion Ink's Adam is having same config.May 25

Tarun Atrey - n I still think nothing can outperform iPad... :PMay 25D

Rikil Shah - @Tarun .tegra with Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Can outperform iPad easily and about crispy screen,it is also on their hit-list.The most killer point about Adam is it has multi tasking and also ready for lowest deal for so awesome device!.May 25

pranav pathak - @ rikil :- ya,googled it..found similar only....lwud lyk 2 look dwn into this furthur.

@tarun :- Whats wid this Steve job obsession man.I agree he is good,but i-pad was simply a plan to pick pockets for nothing worth.Edit2:17 amDeleteUndo deleteReport spamNot spam

Tarun Atrey - @Pravy : well about iPad I think tht its useless for majority of ppl... bt for a particular section (frequently travelling ppl) its a boon... n yeah I agree its too expensive... bt then its Apple... world will stop breathing even if they are about to launch junk... its a game of brand value(thats what I like most about Apple)... n thts where other tablets lose... :P6:20 am

pranav pathak - “Does not matter if my girlfriend is dumb, stupid and speaks too much; she still is very beautiful and all those things don’t make her a penny less hot.”

Exactly the point..

Mohi said...

@Pravy Thanks for appreciating. Your thoughts about Apple's iPad strike chords with mine totally and thanks again for replying on my behalf to all these people. I read these at buzz but was a bit hesitant in replying there. :)

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

hehe. Interesting read. And the follow up comments too.

The first question that we need to get answered is what do we need our girlfriend for.
If we know the answer, we know whether to go for this nVidia thing or the ever-cherished-ever-criticized-ipad.

(I would definitely, blindly, no-brainer-ly prefer this android one. But then, same is not the case with a girlfriend, you know. :D)

Mohi said...

Hahaha.. your question says it all, and I know, most guys will agree to the point that you made at the last. :D

Pravy said...

I dare to differ...
Yaar intelligent ladkiyon se baat karne ka maza hi kuchh aur hai. Means feels nice when they get to what you are saying and all plus can complement in the jokes and stuff....wo baat alag hai ki managing to get one intelligent as ur girlfriend....#Damnrarestuff.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

hehe... Dude. You are getting me wrong. I never talked about talking to intelligent girls. Of course its a bliss talkin' to intelligent girls, or, intelligent people for that matter.

But here the question is... Is it more important for a 'girlfriend' to look better or think better. And the answer says it all.

For me, I would say, If I actually need to use a laptop, I would go for a high config self customised brainy one. But if I just need to flaunt stuff while traveling, or doing some basic e-book browsing or listening to music, I would like to have something that's classy, and meets the minimum requirements.
And hence the question again. What do we need 'girlfriends' for?

Shad Khan said...

One thing confuses me, Why google is supporting and developing two different OS platforms Android and chromium? why don't they merge it? These kind of devices a.k.a tablets and netbooks falls in the category between PC and mobiles. which OS will they support for these kind of devices?

Shad Khan said...

P.S- I've always hated Apple's approach to technology. Yes there products are innovative and changes the way we live but still the concept of walled garden doesn't suits me. And the recent take on Adobe by not allowing flash on ipads and iphone by apple is really not justified. They will not get too far by using such strategies. Once jobs and his reality distortion field is out Apple will fall big time.

Mohi said...

Hello Shad! Merging Android and Chrome can be a good idea. Lets wait for the Chromium beta to be sure about it. And yes, I too hate this very concept of 'walled garden' but I really don't want Apple to fall someday; after all, all the multimedia players are still called iPod by every fourth man of the world. :)

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