Patch Up!

This season is going to witness patch works as a major trend. Not only is this a picturesque trend due to possibility of seeing ample joyous colors , but also because it saves material while construction.

The number of panels/patches you have in your outfit, the scope of utilizing waste area of the fabric also increases[ well that may be from a designer's view because we believe in cost cutting] ,yet present trend supports our effort. :)
Seeing this in another perspective-
Biggest problems in our lives can be solved if we try and break it in small pieces and then solve it. Patching up can heal wounds effectively!


Mohi said...

I see. Did you mean all those bright colored patches? I personally don't like a lot of bright colors in my outfit. So, can we experiment with colors? Or just use one or two colored patches/patterns all over?

Shivangi Shaily said...

for that matter rather than using patches all over in outfit, acessories like handbags,shoes etc can solve the purpose.
also multicolored beaded jewelleries are making a comeback.

Femme Couture Studio said...

the bright colors sometimes create hizziness to eyes. But this doesn't matter in fashion and trends. Mosaic.......

Shivangi Shaily said...

yes it does but youth energy is encapsulated in such vibrant hues, how else can they be depicted?

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