The 'in' thing

  • Fashion is as integrated and blended into the cup of social circumstances that any trivial fact also, gains a sporadic momentum to influence creators, appreciators, and shoppers at once.
  • Young Fashion today is governed by functionality adding touch to the luxury par excellence value.
  • Present season can witness some noticeable changes. With global economy tumbling down, the clothing styles have also sashayed to bare minimalism and simple straight lines. The preppy youth fashion moves away from the ubiquitous romanticism of last few seasons.
  • Silhouettes are simple , straight cut, hemlines have decreased more, minis have become the next ‘it’ thing. The layering and buoyancy have been replaced with neat-tailored structured clothing. More innovative yet creative direction deepens its interest for round yet tapered shapes for comfort, using high performance fabrics.
  • The color trends have also been averted to evergreen pastels, muted shades and neutrals and deliberate negligence of bold outlandish shades.
  • It’s the reviving time, announcing the ethno- street transversalities, extra sueded softness or black-electric shine. Movement is the key concept, full of nostalgic and visionary √©lans.
  • Classics are given a fresh spin with natural sophistication that flaunts sobriety and simplicity, with the re-vitalizing boost to the basics.
  • The revival of old decades like 80’s, 70’s is clearly evident in power dressing suits, archaic inspiration, diligently combined with chaotic flow.
  • The 3-d effect is all over the paradox with, precision as the key ‘mantra’
  • The melodramatically exaggerated looks have been cut down to a personalized version with a space of one’s own. In a way this paves way for greater scope of creative innovation.


Pravy said...

Probably this ll be the most lame comment that this post can get ..but lemme just tell you..The girl who crushed me all over today, wore a pink kurti today and was looking hell gorgeous.Probably Indian women can dress themselves original and spread the pheromones.... :p

Or is it only 'coz I like her ??

Shivangi Shaily said...

it is only b'coz u like her :P

Mohi said...

Ohh.. quite informative. One thing, I am following your articles, maybe that would enhance my dressing sense!

Shivangi Shaily said...


Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

"ethno- street transversalities" ... phew... What does that mean?

Enlighten me, girl!

Femme Couture Studio said...

Indo-ethnic mix........... hmmmmm... having indian colors.. rich textile heritage.. yum.. if we dated backto history of fashion ll find out der >..

Shivangi Shaily said...

one day we all will turn towards our roots,for everything Dude! :)

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