iPad: The Digital Stone

It has been a month to the launch of Apple's iPad, which was to much fanfare. Like every techie, I was excited about it and after a month I know what it is, actually. I find it a simple enabling platform. Those who have the iPhone or iPod Touch, know what it's like. Of course, the iPad's got a much larger screen, sleek and sexy looks, a faster processor, and even 3G, but in the end it's just a bigger iPod Touch.

The only difference is, iPod's ability to fit right into your pocket. Can you see yourself grabbing an iPad while you dash out your front door? Not me. It's big.

The big critical point about the iPad, is the fact that it can't multi-task. Like the iPod Touch and the iPhone, you can only run one application at any given time. It has a powerful CPU on the inside, but still the iPad is crippled because of its operating system, which happens to be the same operating system behind the iPhone. Fundamentally, if you already have a notebook and an iPhone, the iPad will have a difficult time finding a place in your daily routine. And if not, you will find it too closed to use. How? Will tell you.

But first Let's all say it together now: no multi-tasking? What the bleep?

Talking Candid now.

More than a tablet, the iPad is a console, in every sense of the word. The real money maker for Apple, is the App Store, iBook store, and iTunes store. The iPad will capture the audiences that the iPhone/iPod Touch wasn't, and then some. It'll also capture the core Apple audience too.

Coming to the closed thing. The iPad is a closed system. You can't do anything you want to it. Yes, you heard it right. Apps must be from the App Store. Like an SNES, or a PS3, software must be sanctioned. Plus, you can play only one game at a time, just like a console. It has no usb port, no cam, no slot card and neither can you e-ink. What the heck?

Truth be told, the software used is diappointing. Given that the iPad is a tablet, we can consider that it doesn't have a keyboard. But not to be able to let its owner run more than one app is a major disgust. The OS could have been so much more for the tablet. What the iPad should have shipped with, was OS X, with a tablet designed UI--not a tablet, with the iPhone OS.

No doubt, there are some instances where the iPad can deliver some unique uses. For many mainstream users who either just chat, email, or browse, the iPad may be OK. But for power users who love their software and want to get things done, there are alternatives at 23K.

So, iPad is a 3/10 product for me. For you, think, consider and decide yourself.


Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Seriously. NO MULTITASKING? wtf man!!! And to think of it that I use the outdated symbian OS2.0 of my rugged Nokia 3230 for listening to songs, browsing through pdfs and consulting the oxford dictionary all at the same time...

( btw,The link to bleep was nice. :P)
Totally agree with your 3/10. For 'power' users like us, iPad has to grow up, indeed.
Nice review.

Mohi said...

Thanks. Link to bleep was inspired by the truly awesome rule 'freedom of using unconstitutional words' on this blog.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

Now that's a creative inspiration from a base rule... :)

Pravy said...

Hmm....pretty much of an interesting POV and guess what..,I support it.

You know what,They say Jobs has got charisma,but for me,this devil should be held by his horns and bleep him the a**.

For what he is selling these days is nothing but raw shit.

Man ,tell me who cares to buy a thing which is called as lame as "i-pad".I mean the name itself has got million of ppl to tweet jokes abt it.

Leave the emotional front,other than that much has been sacrificed for the sake of designs.As you buy it you have to cope up with too many adapters.Even for a USB..What the heck!!

Let me list the other flaws...
The things has got no camera,so,I don't click pics..
No HDMI connections..So no HD TV nd Videos..
No Adobe Flash....Bid Adeiu to any form of streaming video that includes even Youtube....Man,what are yo u selling to me??

I don't need an i-pad and I ll never need...
My ratings 1/10.

Mohi said...

Thank you for appreciating. :)

Anonymous said...

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