And then, Straight from the office...

And this one comes from my office comp. Well, It's not that I am used to while away my time in the office on internet, but as soon as the boss said tht he would be out for some time, and I finished every work I had in my hand, I thought of blogging some shit out here.
Ummm... Delhi... mast jagah hai, if you have got some friend with you. Alone, it might get boring just ogling nice models (Cars, I meant :P) No, seriously, I actually saw more BMW's than mercedes models in my stretch of the city.
And it feels great.

Even otherwise, life is fun. Delhi food tastes good. The chill is a killer; but I ain't complaining coz' I love winters. Office's good. People are nice. (I seem to have sported some kind of positive specs these days; everything looks just fine.)

Have embarked upon a long journey. Let's see how far can I get.

Alok K.
19th Jan 2010.


Pravy said...

Gud luck with life dere....

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