Date- December 18,2009 (this post was lost among thousands of documents and web pages in my documents, I found it today :) )

It has been months since I last contributed to this blog. Not that I did not have time but of course, it is hard to manage it. Kudos to those people who really have a hell lot to do, who not only do their studies properly but also devote time to their hobbies. I am not a blessed one but I wish I had a hobby too-something to nourish upon when I am all alone in a pool of useless and unproductive thoughts,
making way for darkness. It is said, " khaali dimaag shaitaan ka ghar hota hai". But, the question is- when is the mind devoid of thoughts? I mean, if I am asked to compare mind with body, I would rather compare thoughts to oxygen than to food. A mind cannot live without it, perhaps brain can. Brain is the entity, mind is the consciousness, the state of presence- swifter than everything else in the world. My
thoughts can be vague but as every article carries the disclaimer, " views given by the author is personal"; its my personal view and I am no authority to say that whatever I am writing is sensible and not crap.

Today I read an article by Vir Sangvi (being here at Patna, I miss Hinduatan Times, Delhi edition just like I miss home made food in Delhi.So, i download editorials to read). The title was "There's a method to their madness". It talked about the Cold war, Kissinger and Nixon, doctrine of MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction), the mad politics and our favourite dinner table hot item of discussion "India and Pakistan". He mentioned how Kissinger used this mad strategy to convince the Russians that then President Nixon has turned mad and can anyday push the nuclear button. Of course, no one in his good senses would ever take such a big step which will affect the health of the country for centuries to come. But, for a madman like Nixon, nothing is impossible. Same goes with the relationship between India and
Pakistan. None of the Pakistani leaders want violence, terrorism, attacks. They know, they cannot afford a war with India. They all want peace talks just to convince India that they want peace but they do not have controlled over factors like public opinion, jihadis, ISI, army, etc. etc. etc. (all those who work against India are not under their control).

After reading the article, I have just two questions in mind. One, where is the sense of presence of democracy in Pakistan? How can they claim to be democratic? Who does the government rule? Handful of public who likes to be guided like a herd of cattle. Who has given them authority to make big talks in World forum about things they cannot take control of? Is being unstable or weak a mere excuse, declaration of defeat of democracy or a strategy?

The second question in my mind is, why do we even bother to value the opinions of those who do not have the power to control, those who have let their minds sleep and asked the brains to work, like a madman. I have not read much about it so, I do not have enough knowledge to discuss it further.But, I am glad I wrote something after months of slumber :-D


Tanmoy Hazra said...

Before speaking of other countries, we must ask ourselves - "Does our country have control over anti-democratic bodies like Maoists, Naxalites and ULFA????"

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