1 Idiot, 3 Legends. Gotta see who's who.

A double trip to Patna book fair got me three books to chew upon this training sem.

1. Forster's Passage to India

2. Gandhi's 'My experiments with truth'

3. The biography of Karl Marx

Apart from that, I am gnawing 'The God of small things' and 'Atlas Shrugged' at full pace these days. Will share my experiences as I go on completing 'em all. A fetish with books even after surviving for 4 years in a place they call IIT.

Well, some habits are never meant to be changed.



Pravy said...

sahi hai...chhat jaao inko..

m having Godfather these days..

Mohi said...

That means you are reading 2 already and three are in the queue. How do you manage to read so much?! I am reading Eclipse currently. Correction: trying to read eclipse, struggling with my course books.

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