JEE, CAT... and Gtalk chat.

Pranav: Dude..
Pranav: Entrance exams like CAT should be banned.........Ping n Talk 2 me over this!!.
Alok Kumar: hi Pranav.
Pranav: evething fine man..
agar free ho to have 2 discuss a thing
Alok Kumar: ya sure
Pranav: Entrance Exams like CAT shud be banned
for /against ??
Alok Kumar: against.
Pranav: hmm.....totally with my feeligs..
Lets talk over this a bit
As far I can recall JEE was the last thing
we faced like this
Alok Kumar: yeah
Pranav: and the enthu,the willpower
and the overall stuff that one develops
while preparing
is worth
Alok Kumar: guess what, jee was the first thing tht taught us to be prepared for life
Pranav: hmm..
Alok Kumar: to come out of our cocoons and face the music.
cat and jee have multi faceted traits
for one,
they provide a flow to the student life
and other thing, given the polulation of india, the institutes have got to develop
some kind of mechanism to screen students
otherwise money will do the rest
Pranav: well ya...
Alok Kumar: i totally agree tht
many students who are toallly worth entering the hallowed institutions
are sometimes denied thru this cat and jee thing
but se the nos. of those students who actually get the chance which they would never have got otherwise
Pranav: haan....nd basically we don't have anything sensible
to suggest
If not JEE
then ?
if not CAT then ?
Alok Kumar: exactly. if not jee, then how do u give the talent the chance to show themselves.
passing or failing is a different issue altogether
given the infrastructure of india
especially the social one
its all about giving a chance
and also, education system of india is not at all tht robust tht it can provide equal opportunity to all the youth, you cannot deny competitions
and lets say, if we actually give all the students a sure shot entry to equal status institutions,
then things would be taken for granted, and even in tht case
some ppl would evolve as better than others
you see, competition is in human spirit, and the spirit would develop ways to get into onw
Pranav: totally...
even if not these exams,jo kuchh bhi ho....that vague thing can't kill the
basic human nature of competition
Alok Kumar: right. the thing here is nothing but very basic rule of economics. demand and supply. the demand (students wishing to do well) is huge, and the institutions are very less.
now how do you meet the demands wid limited supply
u gotta develop a mechanism
jee and cat are the mechanism as for now
abolishing them solves no purpose.
Pranav: haan...
waise I just wanted
Alok Kumar: though some solutions include increasing the quality of the other institutions which are in a state of total mess.
Pranav: haan was trying to discuss
the solution part
the increase in number of
is another
controversial issue
as such
and India needs more ppl to be equipped with
Alok Kumar: yeah, it is, but the controversy here is using the name of the existing well known institutions ,
why not create a series of new institutions all together
and make them equally efficient, giving better facilities
one very strong example is the current state of iim shillong.
just bcoz it got the name iim, many students took admission there
and now news are coming tht
its a total mess out there
this is doing nothing but further diluting the existing ones' reputation too.
totally not worth it
Pranav: haan...
but yahan bi ek
prob hai
U see it took arnd 30 yrs or so
for IITS to start producing
talent that can serve the country
eshtablishing a new series
of insti
which can start giving thr IIT IIM ooutput
Alok Kumar: you 've got a valid point too, but then things can not be changed overnight anyways.
even if we increased the no. of iits or iims
then students will start fighting
for geting into a particular set of iit or iims
you see
this was the basic spirit of competition i was talking about
we can do away wid exams, but we can't do away wid the basic spirit of competition from the studets' mindset
and well, its not a bad thing at all.
Pranav: hmm..
waise yahan par agar kuchh stats daalne ho to
what stats can help me here
I think
for waale log
'll put the point of suicides and other shit that these exams do...
well the number of those
who suceeded
even after they weere not able to crack a particular set of exam
is also good...
Alok Kumar: well, yeah, but how about stating the fact that the maximum no. of suicides happen because of failed love relationships. does that mean tht every love relationship should be converted to marriage by some act of spreme court?
abolishing the exam is not a solution, educating the studets' about their other options is
I agree tht many students' commit suicide and undergo deep depression. here comes the role of govt. and ngo orgs.
how about starting local councelling centers at college level
telling students about the other career options
and an awareness programme can be run through pprint media about making the parents aware of their childrens' potential even if they were not able to crack some arbit exams
Pranav: haan..
Alok Kumar: things can be donee, and are being done bout delaing this issue. Kapil Sibbal abolished 10th board coz. it actually didnt serve any purpose at all. You don;'t get admission to any reputed professional institution of india just coz
you came with flying colors in xth bpard
but here the situation is differrent
and ppl who compare cat or jee with xth board, should better start developing a cocoon for their children and put them there, until the cocoon itself collpases.
Pranav: hhehe yaah.....the ppl who talk of avoiding competition
are the one
who hate to compete
aor sumwhere fear
that they ll not be abe to stand up to the point
Alok Kumar: yes man, and life ain't just anyways. think about this. A student who never competed through his life
would be the first to fumble
at the slightest pressure
are we talking bout avoiding suicides?
we are actually gonna create a bunch of morons who would take life for granted, and the day they don't get their share bcoz of any arbit thing, they would find tht they no longer can survive.
then the rate of suicides would be bigger. beat that.
Pranav: yao//
there are too things that being in a competition creates
the winner rejoices..
and the looser
looses of course..
but the thing
is that we are not talking abt exams
competitions where
if you loose your life is gone
and MAKING the ppl
who follow
as a rat race
aware of them
yahan par kaal kar sakte hain..
nd other than that...I am planning to enumeratesome facts from the very own book man "Psycology of success in IIT -JEE"
wahan se the spirit that developed within us..
hey ALOK..
one more thing...
Alok Kumar: yeah
Pranav: basically we here are trying to suggest that
we shud keep the
fighting spirit on
but at the same tyme
don't be single minded
like JEE /CAT is not only the thing to live or die for..
Alok Kumar: yes, exactly
Pranav: yahan par sensible dedication
ki baat utahunga
yahan par the role of mentoring...
Alok Kumar: options are always there. you just have to choose the right option
dude, wait
can you tell me
why am i talking bout this issue right now?
( i still dunno)
Pranav: hehehe....I have to speak about it kal
at the CAT insti
Alok Kumar: :P
Pranav: there were other topics like "Google vs WAllmart" nd all
but ye waala sort of
I felt close to me
and ispe kuchh accha bol paunga
Alok Kumar: I think I am gonna post this conversation on out joint blog. It must be an interesting read.
Pranav: HAAN....bilkul
Alok Kumar: unedited
Pranav: yups...
editing ll take out the fun...


Mohi said...

An enlightening and joyful read.

"alokiitkgp06:the thing here is nothing but very basic rule of economics. demand and supply. the demand (students wishing to do well) is huge, and the purpose."
Dude, you resolved the issue right there. Loved your take on abolishing competitive exams.

I liked the sensible dedication and mentor thing too. Hope this will get you a lot of appreciation tomorrow at CAT insti.

Pravy said...

Well ya....Hope I can do the oratory part well enough ...

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@Mohi... thanks for the comment and appreciation. You urself are gonna take the JEE exam this year. What do you think about this issue?

@Pranav... All the best for the talking, bro.

Mohi said...

I think, establishing new GOOD institutes will definitely enhance education standards but can not kill the die hard attitude for competition. Everyone wants to get into the best institutes and if we have many bests, then we would race for the best of the bests.

I think, competition is good, if you a have a good support system at home, someone who can mentor you without being biased about Top insti. Secondly, one needs to be isodiametric in thoughts.I mean, if not JEE, I keep my mind open, I keep looking for good fields and colleges and above all, I know what subjects I'm good at and I like to sharpen them.
IITs are the dream of every second Indian pursuing pcm, so competition is huge, and why not?, the best insti deserves the best Indian minds. But, yeah, competition should be taken into right spirit. If one competes for the best, he will definitely achieve something good.

To the 10th board issue. I think it's a moronic idea. The syllabus of CBSE curriculum was already below standard, and now that they have thought of removing boards, students will take studies for granted, which will ultimately lead to degradation of minds. One more thing, they have now given 40 marks in the hands of school teachers which will give rise to favouritism and bribery.

mayank said...

i have nothing to say about the issue...i just like to listen to people talking..
it was a nice conversation...

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@ Mohi... Agreed. Competition should always be taken in the right spirit. We can never do away the basic instinct of proving ourselves better than the others, so why not stream the energy in the right way, instead of ending the competition itself forever.
Afterall, competition breeds excellence.

@Mayank... Its always good to have a patient listener. Thanks for commenting.

ankur1105 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ankur1105 said...

@Pranav u r absolutely right bro... d whole discussion is really close to us.... and the "sensible dedication" part is worth mentioning.keep up the good work.
@alok really nice thoughts dude.... looking forward to more discussions of this sort.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@ Ankur... yeah sure, will be blogging more often now. And indeed the issue is close to us. How can I forget the pre JEE days when we used to burn our brains off in some problem or another. I miss those days, sometimes.

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