Here comes Winter, again.

Rain and mist bring winter chill to Delhi (IBN Live, 13th Nov. 2009)

I read the internet version of this news piece and was taken back to the sweet reminiscences of my equations with winter. Penning something on winter is not new for me, and in my other blog I did express my feelings and expectations from winter, when I was in my second year of Bachelors. ( For more reference, click )
Well, Winter has arrived again. And this time it has rains to accompany itself. Rains make me feel melancholic. When you have had enough of drenching around in the showers, you have to come back, change your clothes and sit in the room watching the continuing rains pelting hard on
the roofs and parapets of your life. It feels as if you have been made to sit in a small room, feeling claustrophobic and all, and no one cares while the action continues in your life, nonchalantly.

But rain brings with itself a strange clarity in the environment. After it stops pouring, you see everything sharper and clearer. Like after the tears flow, one can see the true image of the world. The winds become even more chilly, the intoxication of the winter night escalates further. The longing for someone dear, snug and close becomes excruciatingly evident; and the sweet nothing gossips with friends become more comfort giving. The chillness of winter defines the degree of comfort one can get out of slight warmth. In temperature, in emotions, in relationships. Every thing has an inherent duality, I guess.

But even this clarity doesn't perpetuate. As the evening arrives, mist starts to surround the horizon, and the soul. One can't see neither one's own hands nor one's own thoughts. The paradigm changes only to get even blurrier. The soul craves for something, gets sad on not getting it, becomes happy to see the brighter side of it, only to find the limit of this forced happiness and ultimately finds solace in the sadness.

Two winters have passed since I last wrote on winters. It indeed is a strange season for me.
Ignites some kind of thinking lamp of my
soul, only at the expense of taking away my peace. And I normally don't mind my peace taken away except in the winter season. Back in my playdays, the ball struck us hard when it was winter.

And guess what, it still hurts hard when its winter.

Nov. 17, 2009 (Incidentally, Pranav's Birthday)


Shivangi Shaily said...

Well, perception of winter might be different for different ppl, for me winter brings m good things in life which indeed are not melancholic.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

:) Well, indeed seasons are different for different people. But seems you didn't get what I tried to say. Winters never make me feel melancholic. Its the uninvited accompanying rain that does so. Its true that I can't deny the warm memories winter brings back of my childhood. If you get time, go through the link given in this post to my earlier blog. Tht would make things a little clearer. :)

arpi said...

For me, winter is a season which makes its presence felt. I just can't imagine myself away from home during winters and i dont like winters without sunny afternoons. I love 2 spend all those afternoons on the terrace, completely secluded. Thats what makes winters most important 2 me.

Mohi said...

A warm post indeed. Winters impart a picturesque effect on the world. Everything looks whitish-pure, beautiful. Be it walking alone on never ending roads curling oneself in a shawl or simply sitting with friends around a fire or a room heater, they want one to feel the warmth within. And when one doesn't, like you said, winter hurts.

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

@ Arpi... This reminds me of my winter holidays back in class four-five, when I used to spend my entire day on the roof, basking under the sun,trying to open some broken radio or closing it after I had succeeded in breaking it apart...:)

@Mohi... Right. Today I was roaming around in the iit campus and with the whitish pure ambiance around, the neatly mowed lawns and european meadows-styled landscaping seemed so picturesque. And yes, it is the coldness of hearts that makes winter hurt.

Pravy said...

Shenti ppl.....There is a lot to connect to this post...Lemme add a bit more sentiyapa(sort of) to this...

The Summer is meant for sweating it out,the zealous time,the time when we run madly.......The rain comes and we get drenched....Thats the time when we begin to sense the fruits of our efforts and we get drenched......Then comes the winter.....the time of realisation...the race seems to be ending and sitting in the couches we visualise an end...the time when we get to know what we have and what we don't ..... Then comes the melancholy....Then comes the Linkin Park "In the end,It does'nt even matters...."

I don't know what its about analysing life and comparing it to seasons....I just started hating winters and then suddenly a reason pinged to luv it....Saali, life has been a strange sequuence of mistakes(each one honest and none of them I regret..)...Winter starts with sadness but fills me up with a miraculous enthu to run thru all the things that the Summer deamands from me...

I think I have written shit,above but I do'nt care to scroll above and edit it....Alec...Beer speaking re.. ;)

Admin, Team arbitSpeculations said...

:) @ Pranav... Beer spoke really well. What an interesting analysis of the human psychology in different seasons. Indeed by the time winter arrives, we tend to sit back and introspect ourselves. Winter might give different things to different people, but it gives one common thing to all. Solitude. Some people feel melancholic, some happy, some thoughtful, some thankful. that's the beauty of this season.

Pravy said...

yeah.....exactly what my high mind tried to say last night... :-)

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