Those good old days……..

Date: 07-09-09 (Arpi’s syaahi; Post-8)

The best experience of reading a newspaper is reading the editorial. Well, this is not because it feeds one with some intellectual matter but because it gives a gist of all that is going around, whether obvious or not. It saves time and gives an insight into the matter. Some people start reading from page 1, some from sports page while some turn to page 3. I like reading newspaper from the comment page.

Like every morning, I started the day with newspaper and to my delight (read to my surprise), the editorial did not deal with BJP, J&K, Doha and all. It was talking of All India Radio (AIR FM Rainbow). To my friends who are not based in Delhi may not understand or connect to this topic of discussion but will find the relevance in some other aspects of entertainment (say, the mushrooming TV Channels). In the article, the author was talking about the old, melodious and beautiful English songs from seventies and eighties that are played only by the AIR and less interference by RJs and advertisements. Author comments that tough there are many radio channels in the city which adopt all kinds of stupid mimicry and scoops, contests and long discussions to lure more and more listeners; the n number of radio channels are only adding to the cacophony of radiowaves traveling in New Delhi. AIR on the other hand is following the same format as it had followed decades ago. If you visit the website and try to listen to any of the program, you will be disappointed. Still, AIR FM Rainbow is picking up among the music conscious people of Delhi.

Wednesday is 09-09-09. I am excited for ten years ago, on 09-09-99, I decided to remember everything that happens on that day, jott it somewhere and read after ten 09-09 have passed. But alas, it never happened, I forgot to write it in my diary. Now, the only things I can remember is that I did not have computer or cable connection at my home. My radio played only vividh bharati and I remember how I waited eagerly for programs like chitrahaar and rangoli on DDI and chitralok on vividh bharati. DD Metro was an entertainment package and made my life colorful. Educational programs by UGC and NCERT taught me many things. Those days when discovery and NAT Geo were infants, I yearned to watch those programs but one day, when my wish came true; there were other things too. Several channels for serials, movies, music, reality shows- TV for education? The purpose was lost.

We are of course spoilt by choice now. Earlier, when our need was limited, they were answered. Today, need is less or more same but desire has increased manifold and the correct services have to be fished out of a pool of lucrative claims. Entertainment industry is manufacturing by a push system in place of a pull system. This can anyday lead to congestion and compel the viewers and listeners to turn off the radio. So, mann ka radio ……………. bajne de zara.


Shivangi Shaily said...

Doordarshan and AIR should be cherished for mainaining their dignity. Truely written post. Intellectual and conscious citizens are in constant search of quality rather than mob of latest mushrooming FM'DD channels. their search get a ground here. Old shall always be gold.

tanvi said...

v good one and gave a feelin of nostalgia..gone r the chitrahaar days...but now even a big boss 3 with the big B (not to mention the line up of serials and other reality shows!)dusnt serve the purpose of entertainment...forget the learning!

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